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Dental Products Report 2023 Spring Selection Lower Left Quadrant - Round 1


The first round of the Dental Products Report 2023 Spring Selection begins right here and now with the opening round voting for the Lower Left Quadrant.

The random nature of the seeding for this tournament leads to some seriously wild match ups, especially in the first round where there are 16 products alive in each Quadrant. There's no making sense of this, so here are the 8 first round matchups from the Lower Left Quadrant:

Seed 1 Vs. Seed 16

3M Filtek Matrix

The 3M Filtek Matrix is an anterior restorative solution that makes composite placement less stressful and more predictable for dentists and more affordable for their patients. With today’s dental patients looking for less invasive options to improve their smile at a price they can afford, this new custom matrix system is said to make composite placement less stressful and more predictable, eliminating the stress of free-hand shaping. This efficiency can help reduce chair time, enabling faster and more simplified procedures.

Sonendo Gentlewave G4

Using the company’s patented technology, the GenleWave G4 System is designed for an optimized doctor and patient experience with a refined, simplified workflow. With broad-spectrum acoustic energy and advanced fluid dynamics, the system delivers advanced disinfection to penetrate complex anatomies, resulting in predictable and superior cleaning and improved healing time. An intuitive, user-friendly interface provides step-by-step guidance for practitioners and auditory cues that improve procedure awareness, reducing the need to look away from the patient during treatment.

Here we have the face-off between a top-seeded solution designed to simplify anterior composite cases, and a sonic technology for enhanced root canal treatments.

Who takes the match, the top seeded veneer matrix or endo's high-tech cleaner?

3M Filtek Matrix
Gentlewave G4

Seed 8 Vs. Seed 9

X-Nav Endo workflow

X-Nav Technologies has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration to expand the use of its X-Guide® Dynamic 3D Navigation system to aid dentists in delivering minimally invasive endodontic procedures. Using the X-Guide system’s patented X-Point™ technology, the dentist has a live view of the patient’s 3D anatomy and a digital handpiece to guide drill movements during surgery. This allows the dentist to precisely navigate the drill to an exact location for more efficient endodontic procedures.

Crest Densify

New Crest Densify toothpaste features a new premium formula to offer a defense against early tooth decay and features the same active ingredient in many other Crest products, stannous fluoride. This premium toothpaste is formulated to actively rebuild tooth density by remineralizing enamel. The toothpaste is available at select retailers with nationwide distribution to follow.

Here's an interesting matchup of products both of which tout their wireless design as a key feature. The #8 seed Medit i700 Wireless is cutting edge in the clinics while the #9 seed Philips Sonicare Cordless Power Flosser 3000 is high tech for home care.

Who wins, guided endo or advanced home care?

X-Guide Endodontics

Seed 5 Vs. Seed 12

InfinityVue Loupes

The Infinity VUE Loupes are designed to provide a straightforward approach to ergonomics and are available in 3.0×, 3.5× and 4.5x magnification. Infinity VUE (Vision up Ergonomics) is said to keep practitioners’ chins up, necks straight, and eyes forward while viewing the oral cavity. By changing the positioning of the internal prisms, these loupes allow you to see intraorally without having to bend your neck. Mounted on a Steam frame and with the side shields attached, the VUE Loupes weigh 3.2 oz.

Midmark EOIS

The Midmark Extraoral Imaging System (EOIS) includes 2D panoramic and 3D CBCT imaging x-ray devices with cephalometric add-on options. EOIS is designed to make things simpler for clinicians in their capturing of panoramic and CBCT imaging with its controls and software. Other features of EOIS include its relatively small unit size, as well as its high image quality.

Here we have one of several ergonomic loupes in the field going up against the only 3D CBCT system in the bracket. Which matters more magnification or three dimensions?

This choice is between magnified vision and 3D vision?

InfinityVue Loupes

Seed 4 Vs. Seed 13


Built around a new IntelliSense™ processor, the TurboSensor+ Ultrasonic Scaler ensures top-level, consistent performance with all market-leading 30K inserts. It features a detachable, autoclavable 30K handpiece for enhanced reprocessing, cleanliness, and disinfection. The TurboSensor+ also includes a new tap-on purge mode for waterline cleansing, a new priming mode for preparing the handpiece to begin scaling with the first compression of the foot pedal, a streamlined setup with easy-to-assemble and easy-to-position components, and a superior water flow system for improved aerosol management.

SmileMaker Platform

The SmileMaker Platform is designed to make it easier than ever for consumers to get a smile they’ll love. The first-generation SmileMaker Platform is available through the free SmileDirectClub App and leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to show consumers their potential smile transformation within minutes. Consumers can download the SmileDirectClub App, which is compatible with Apple devices and coming soon to Android devices, and capture a 3D scan of their teeth, bite and alignment using their phone’s camera. Just minutes after the 3D scan, consumers receive their “Custom Smile Plan” showing their potential new smile, along with an estimated time frame to achieve results. Following receipt of a Custom Smile Plan, customers will be prompted to provide further high-definition scans through the doctor-prescribed at-home impression kit or at a local SmileShop or Partner Network location.

This is a fun matchup between an update to a solid, reliable ultrasonic scaler and the latest update to the leading DIY ortho solution.

Who wins, efficient ultrasonics or DIY ortho outcomes simulation?

SmileMaker Platform

Seed 6 Vs. Seed 11


CROWNTEC is a new-generation composite resin that can be used to additively manufacture biocompatible permanent restorations including crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, and artificial teeth for dentures. This Class IIa is available to 3D Systems’ NextDent digital dentistry solution customers in 5 shades including CROWNTEC, SW (bleach color), B1, A1, A2, and A3. CROWNTEC combines 3D Systems’ NextDent digital dentistry solution and Saremco Dental AG’s materials, enabling dental laboratories and practices to address a variety of indications with accuracy, repeatability, productivity, and lower total cost.

Videa Caries Assist

Videa Caries Assist is a caries detection algorithm powered by artificial intelligence (AI) featuring a unique and diverse coalition of data, according to VideaHealth. This AI algorithm catches caries early, and trials done by the FDA indicate that the number of missed caries was 43% lower for dentists using the AI. This algorithm is based on the Videa Factory, a dataset with more than 100 million data points from a variety of dental sources such as practices, DSOs, and insurance companies.

Cutting-edge dental tech categories go head to head here as a resin for 3D-printed permanant crowns takes on AI-powered image analysis.

Who advances, the resin or the AI?

Videa Caries Assist

Seed 3 Vs. Seed 14

Curaden Hydrosonic Easy

The Hydrosonic Easy line of power toothbrushes uses an efficient droplet shape with its sensitive brush head. It touts up to 84,000 brush movements per minute as well as single-button operation, and the hydrodynamics allow it to clean into the interdental space. The Hydrosonic Easy is also designed for a 2-week battery life and has a timer for optimal brushing length. It comes packaged in a travel case.

OraFit from OraPharma

OraPharma’s OraFit custom clear aligner system is indicated for malocclusion and misalignment correction using materials in a 3-layer design for better esthetics and more comfort. The plastic material used to create the OraFit custom aligners is said to be more crack resistant and to maintain clarity for longer. Included in the system is an online resource for dental professionals to submit clear aligners cases and approve treatment plans. OraFit will benefit patients who may be reluctant to use clear aligners for the sake of esthetics.

Home care products and clear aligners are increasingly crowded dental product categories, so which of these new names stands out and advances.

Who is winning this match between a sonic brush and an invisible aligner?

Hydrosonic Easy

Seed 7 Vs. Seed 10

Carestream Sensei Cloud

Sensei Cloud has introduced new features that are designed to help dentists elevate their practices and provide better, more efficient patient care. The new Soft Tissue Chart allows doctors to keep detailed records of findings with notes on an anatomical chart. As oral cancer screening becomes increasingly important and the related documentation becomes standard of care, keeping track of these findings in a patient’s clinical record can help increase early detection. Sensei Cloud’s Lightbar feature aids in patient flow and time management. The Seated Queue flyout bar shows when the patient was seated, the time of the scheduled appointment, provider names, and the appointment type.

SDI Radii Cal CX

The Radii-Cal CX is designed to produce a deeper, more reliable cure. Its collimated beam delivers curing uniformity across all curing depths, which is said to ensure a fast and predictable cure for all restorations. The Radii-Cal CX includes heat sink dissipation technology, which protects the LED from damaging heat. Its ergonomic and lightweight design minimizes fatigue and maximizes comfort. It weighs just 144 g. The unit does not require frequent recharging between uses. When fully charged, it provides 1,200 x 10-second cures, according to SDI. The unit also features a built-in radiometer to confirm its energy output, which is calibrated to the collimated lens.

This matchup between an enhanced cloud practice management platform and an advanced curing light is a pair of core technologies .

Choose your product, the cloud or the light.

Sensei Cloud
Radii Cal CX

Seed 2 Vs. Seed 15

3Shape TRIOS 5

The TRIOS 5 Wireless intraoral scanner makes it easier to go digital with dentistry. Scanning is smoother and faster with its new ScanAssist intelligent alignment technology. Housed in a redesigned, compact, and hygienically optimized body, the TRIOS 5 Wireless intraoral scanner delivers the highest standard in imaging performance and infection control. ScanAssist technology minimizes misalignment and distortion in 3D models. You can scan in any direction you want—just create the scan path that works best for you.

HuLaser K2 Mobile Cordless Diode Laser

Polaroid HealthCare has announced that they will distribute the HuLaser K2 Mobile Cordless Diode Laser. It is lightweight at 135 g, including the battery, and cordless. This diode laser has 22 preset programs and 4 memory settings for clinician convenience. It is designed to be efficient, durable, and powerful with 3.5 watts of continuous power and up to 6 watts pulse. It features autoclavable optic fibers, aluminum front cap, and silicone front covers, which are cost effective and hygienic. The K2 laser is available through any Polaroid HealthCare full service dealer.

This battle leaves the cords behind as the wireless TRIOS 5 intraoral scanner faces off on a portable diode laser system. So which will win and advance, and which product's battery will run dry.

Does the 5th generation scanner or the portable laser move on?

K2 Mobile Cordless Diode Laser
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