Dental Product Presentation: GUM Hydral Dry Mouth Relief from Sunstar Americas

Gold medal winning U.S. Women's soccer player Shannon Boxx shares her personal experiences suffering from dry mouth and explains why she has been pleased with the results she's felt since starting to use the new GUM Hydral dry mouth remedy from Sunstar Americas.

Former U.S. Women's National Soccer Team player Shannon Boxx has struggled with dry mouth issues for much of her life. She's tried a number of solutions to manage the condition, and feels she has found the best option in Sunstar Americas' GUM Hydral Dry Mouth Relief products.

In this video recorded during the 2020 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting, Boxx shares her personal story with xerostomia and its impacts to her life and her playing career. She explains how she started using the Hydral line of products and why she feels she has finally found a solution she can count on.