Dental Product Insights: Fuse from Patterson


In this video, James Lowder, DDS, discusses Fuse from Patterson, a practice management software built to grow with your dental practice. [4 minutes]

James Lowder, DDS, and his team at Southern Roots Dentistry, have found plentiful benefits to using Fuse practice management software from Patterson. Between its scalability, easy-to-use interface, and great support from Patterson, Fuse hits all the marks for any dental practice.

Video Transcript:

James Lowder, DDS: So we started using fuse, we started, we opened the practice in November of 2017. We knew we wanted to be our, we're very customer service oriented. And we really wanted to have a product that was going to be forward thinking and modern that could grow with us and our business. And so we knew that I was going to be a cloud based product.


Fuse from Patterson is a cloud practice management application that is suitable for both single-and multilocation dental practices. Fuse has a variety of features for dental practices including an insurance suite with real-time eligibility, online attachments, and electronic remittance advice, as well as a marketing suite that automates patient marketing, communication, and education. It features an easy-to-use interface and is browser based so any dental practice can use it. The Customer Success Manager guides customers through a personalized onboarding plan that includes data migration, training, and practice adoption. In addition, ongoing training and support is available in person or remotely or can be self-guided through the software.


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At that, I knew that I could trust the product being a parison product. Because of our close relationships with our reps here. We, we trust them, we value them, and I know that they have our best interest. So I knew that that was going to be.

And what I loved about it, too, is that jumping on board with us, at that time, we were beta testers. And so we got to give input, real-life input from our practice, about what we felt would benefit other practices.

And at that time, we only had one location, we were cleaning teeth ourselves, we were learning how to do all the things as far as running a business, but also treating patients. And we were we were handling all the ins and outs of fuse and all and so we we had to get a good understanding of what it meant to collect payments, what it meant to send insurance, what it meant to scheduling appointments, what are our pain points, what are our what are the areas that we want to improve on so that we know that we can provide better customer service for our patients, and have a better product that was easy for us to use day in and day out. So with us, it just allows us to have that,

You know, what I love about is that it can it can really help grow single practice, you don't have to have a million practices to have–yes, you can have a single practice, and it helps you helps you grow your practice helps you function really well. And it's just a great product for just even a single location. But if you are looking to grow, it's really great for practices that are growing and allows you to grow and allows you to have awesome patient base, all within one system. Being able to provide, like I said, Great customer service to your to your customers.

One of my favorite things is if a patient calls at this location, but they're meant to call somewhere else. Well, that location because the software is this call base can handle that patients issue or help them whatever they need, or help them get scheduled an appointment without having seen call the wrong office call this one, you know, it just allows us to kind of elevate the patient experience.

Esthetics is a really big thing for me. I mean, if you're dealing with a jumbled mess, and I think that it impacts your workflow. And just your ability to think about even what you're doing. So having a clean product with clean esthetics is really helpful. And that's why Fuse is one of my most favorite things, it's not specifically a feature, but it's the fact that they listen. So, you know, we have these product owners and developers that are building this product and they listen to the things that we want and listen to the things that we need. And like I said, because of the product that allows us to have a single location or multi-locations, and that's one of the biggest reasons why I love it because it just is almost tailored fit for you and you feel like it's tailored fit for you. Not a million customers if that makes any sense.

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