Dental Practices during COVID-19 – An interview with AADOM Founder and President Heather Colicchio

Dental Products Report Managing Editor Stan Goff talks with American Association of Dental Office Management Founder and President Heather Colicchio about what practice managers have been doing while shut down and how the COVID-19 pandemic is impact the business and operations of dental practices.

With many practices shut down across the United States during the month of April, getting back to work is going to be a challenge. In this interview with DPR Managing Editor Stan Goff, American Association of Dental Office Management President and Founder Heather Colicchio discusses what has been happening on the business side of dental practices during the pandemic.

AADOM made its suite of practice resources available to all dental practices during the shut down orders to help practices stay on track as much as possible. Colicchio shares what AADOM is doing to help, how many practices are facing difficult choices and a challenging future, and how AADOM plans to provide resources and support during and after this pandemic.