For dental office managers: It's almost time for the AADOM annual conference!

Our 10th Annual Conference is coming up and we are so excited to visit San Diego in the first week of September! Our lineup is an impressive one - I urge you to check it out at My favorite aspect of the conference is seeing old and new friends alike. I look forward to hearing how your office is performing and catching up with stories of kids’ graduations, weddings, and other events.

VIDEO: Check out more about AADOM's 10th anniversary celebration

Our members are friendly and inviting to new attendees. Managing a dental office is not easy and I can see that experiences shared at the conference help new managers immensely. We hear this on our conference feedback as well as anecdotally. Reaching out to newer managers is a great way to pay it forward. You have so much knowledge about dental operations, so share it with a fellow manager. The rewards are richer than just a good conversation!

The AADOM team plans to incorporate more member experiences into our magazine The Observer and as part of our annual conference. The Member Section of our magazine features knowledgeable tips from those who are still putting in 40-plus hours a week at their job … just like you. The value of having a large connected dental manager network is priceless and we look forward to hearing your most valuable tips. We hope to see you in San Diego!