For dental office managers: Is it time for delegation?

We hear from many office managers who tell us they are overworked and spend time worrying about their job obligations. During one of these conversations, I remember asking a member if she had any help and was surprised when she said, “Yes, but I still have to do everything!”

Could this be you? The typical manager has a gazillion job duties (yes, it’s a true measurement!). All kidding aside, I know that you have many plates spinning in the office but isn’t it time to unload some of your burden? Delegation is not easy, especially for self-starters, but if you continue to perform your duties and take on more as time goes on, then you can see that something has to give … and usually that something is you.

Overworked managers will burn out fast … we’ve seen it happen with AADOM members. Tension with the team and even the doctor will emerge as you will inevitably start to think that you are the only one working at 150%. Your personal life will begin to suffer as you take the worries of work home with you.

Start with the little tasks and add in a measure of faith and yet another of patience. Your trainee will need to be taught and encouraged to perform some of your duties. Letting go of tasks does not signal weakness … it means you’re a smart manager!

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