For dental office managers: The importance of job responsibilities in the dental practice

It is so hard to find the right puzzle piece to complete your jigsaw picture of a team. When you think of the different personalities found in the dental office, it is amazing so many offices have smoothly run operations! The typical corporate office has many titles and job responsibilities, unlike the dental office where team members tend to share duties. Although it’s nice to engage in teamwork, there is still a need to delineate duties.

I’m a big fan of job responsibilities and holding team members accountable – it just works. What does your employee manual say? Is it just a listing of your team mission and office hours? It must be more than that – not just to be compliant (a compelling reason!) but to be effective. Take a minute to review your manual. If you would not be able to run a performance review based on the job description, then perhaps it’s time to revisit your manual. AADOM’s article base and sponsoring companies are wonderful resources. Is it time to update your policies?

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