For dental office managers: AADOM turns 10 ... and the best is yet to come!

We just turned 10! At our recent Annual Conference in San Diego, we celebrated our birthday with more than 700 of our closest family and friends. Over the years, we have seen our attendees grow right along with us as we find our way in the dental landscape. A few observations stand out to us as we enter our 11th year of being THE resource for dental business knowledge:

We are seeing more males attend and many of these are dental spouses.

Managers are asking for more advanced level courses such as accounting and goal-setting.

More administrative positions are available now more than ever. However, we see more employee turnover and this causes frustration among senior managers.

Managers are not as opposed to outsourcing their duties as in previous years.

Group practices have the same basic issues as solo practices: HR, insurance frustration, and leadership vacuums.

We keep all of this in mind as we go into our own strategic planning sessions. Let us know what you see as the big changes in the world of dental business.

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