Dental Hygienists during the COVID-19 pandemic – A conversation with Katrina Sanders, RDH

Modern Hygienist editorial advisory board member Katrina Sanders, RDH, joins Editorial Director Noah Levine via video call to discuss the impacts dental hygienists are feeling during the current pandemic. She explains that most hygiene professionals are out of work, but they have knowledge and skills that can be helpful in times like these.

Katrina Sanders, RDH says she actually unpacked her suitcase, which is extremely rare for her, as her usual schedule has her on the road much of the time for speaking engagements. However, with the U.S. dental industry largely on pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanders finds herself at home more than usual, which is the case for many hygienists.

In this video conversation, Sanders and Editorial Director Noah Levine discuss what life has been like for Sanders in quarantine, how the practice shutdowns are impacting hygiene professionals, why hygienists have the knowledge and skills to help right now, and what hygienists can be doing with their time to be ready to get back to work as restrictions on dental practices are relaxed.