Dental Artificial Intelligence Company Pearl Granted Patent for Radiology Technology

The artificial intelligence company Pearl has been granted a patent for its dental radiology device Second Opinion.

Pearl, the artificial intelligence (AI) company, has announced that the United States Patent Office has issued a “systems and methods for automated medical image annotation” patent that will cover a dental AI radiology device.

The patent is said to cover the system where AI-detected conditions are displayed in a clinical setting. Data is then expressed through raw data streams. Pearl’s system is said to take that data and visualize it in a way that is easy for patients and practitioners to understand, according to a press release from Pearl.

Second Opinion is Pearl’s first AI solution made for patient-facing use. It is able to detect pathologies and conditions in dental x-rays. Developed as a way for dentist’s to supplement their own diagnoses, Second Opinion can bolster patient and practitioner confidence in finding solutions for various conditions.