Dental Aligner Startup Str8 Expands Services Nationwide

This dental clear aligner company wants to educate patients on oral care and straighter smiles while maintaining a relatively low price point.

Dental aligner startup Str8 has announced that it will be expanding its direct-to-consumer services nationwide. Str8’s services include pre-aligner consultation with dental professional, treatment monitoring through teledentistry, affordable pricing, and custom products.

The aligners are said to be durable, and are manufactured by founder Dr Misee Harris, who built the lab directly in her medical center. Dr Harris creates aligners without requiring high manufacturing prices.

“My passion has always been to help and improve others’ lives. I inherited that from my mother and grandmother,” Dr Harris said in a press release from the company. “Starting Str8 and the ability to provide healthy smiles for those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford orthodontic treatment was a no-brainer for me. I’m excited to grow as a company and continue to see how we can change people’s lives.”

Str8’s mission is to educate patients while providing orthodontic care at a relatively low cost. Str8 covers the cost of an initial exam, and clients will receive $100 off if they’ve received dental cleaning in the last year. Cases are reviewed by both dentists and orthodontists which is said to create the best outcomes.

Str8 was founded in 2021 and launched nationally this year.