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A Q&A with Dr. Richard Liu, president of DentLight, on the Best of Class Award-winning FUSION 5 Curing Light with Twinhead Curing Attachment.


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What makes the FUSION 5 Curing Light with Twinhead Curing Attachment so special?

Power, speed and the capability to cure from both the buccal and the lingual at the same time to minimize shrinkage.  

Why do you think it won the Cellerant 2017 Best of Class Award?

Trans-enamel polymerization (TEP) was a technique invented by Dr. Paul Belvedere many years ago, involving curing the buccal and the lingual using 2 curing lights at the same time. Rather than standard curing from the occlusal surface when composite pulls toward the light and shrinks toward the top, TEP allows composite bond to the tooth structure first where the light energy is the greatest. However,  it is very inconvenient to use two separate curing lights to accomplish the task. Furthermore, adding to the difficulty of delivering light through tooth structure, most curing lights are dispersive by nature and has much less intensity going across the distance to reach the bonding interface. We believe that Cellerant recognized us in finally overcoming this unsolved challenge, which could have significant implications for improving the quality of restorations in particular for bulk cure.

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What do you think the FUSION 5 Curing Light with Twinhead Curing Attachment has provided to the industry that other options have not?

FUSON 5 with Twinhead delivers uniform, low dispersion, laser-like curing beam not only from one source but from an incredibly compact dual head that can direct two curing beams at any angles to either one or multiple curing targets. It delivers 4000 mW/cm2 from a single head and 2000 mW/cm2 at the same time from dual heads.

What led your company to create this product?

DentLight invented a patented focused beam curing light system called FUSION twelve years ago. When I met Dr. Belvedere soon after the invention, he raised the question if we can make a light that can cure from both sides. We looked into it and found it very hard given the size constraint and power requirement. Two years ago after many iterations of designs, we finally had something close to work. I met Dr. David Clark who has this fascinating clear matrix called Bioclear. He asked me the same question. We finally decided to really make it into a real product given how well it will help many procedures including Dr. Clark’s injection molding technique. 

What are your customer saying about the FUSION 5 Curing Light with Twinhead Curing Attachment? And what has patient reaction been?

When we first introduced the product in Chicago this year, many of our customers are really wowed by the ingenious design and fascinated by what it can do. These are what they typically react:  “A definite outside the box”. “Perfect Choice for curing” “Wow”  “Incredible” “It is wide enough to accommodate the widest molars buccally and lingually”.

How does it and improve the dental workflow?

Improving the speed and quality of the cures will allow for the dental workflow to proceed smoother. For dentists, we see this as opportunity to decrease costs while improving patient satisfaction.

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What is one thing you really want everyone to know about the FUSION 5 Curing Light with Twinhead Curing Attachment?

Its incredible power, speed and versatility.

Anything else you’d like to add?

FUSION has been a dependable curing light serving the dental community in the past dozen years. FUSION 5 with Twinhead elevates the product to another level of performance and user experience.

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