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Implants have become increasingly popular over the last 25 years due to the flexibility in accommodating different configurations of teeth and prevention of underlying bone loss1.

Implants have become increasingly popular over the last 25 years due to the flexibility in accommodating different configurations of teeth and prevention of underlying bone loss1.

This article will discuss trends in dental implants for practices across the United States, including the increase in popularity and changes in revenue generated from implant procedures.

Measuring and tracking trends allows dentists to understand the dental market, find new opportunities for revenue and grow their businesses. Practices can access complete national trends, as well get key reports about their own performance here.

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Implant services quantity by practice

The national average for implant procedures performed at a practice has risen. In 2012 the average number of implants performed by a practice monthly was 5.6. In contrast, this average rose to a high of 7.4 in 2014 and remains high with an average of 7 in the first four months of 2015. 


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Implant Services Production by Practice

For practices that provide implant services, the revenue, or production, earned for these procedures has risen significantly year over year. The average practice is earning more revenue for implant services monthly. This is congruent with more implant procedures being performed nationwide in dental clinics. 

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Periodontics Production by Practice

Periodontics, a subspecialty of dentistry that often perform implant procedures, are also seeing an increase in production revenue.  Product has increased year over year, with 2015 having the highest production numbers yet. This could be, in part due to the increase in dental implants. 

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Dental implants rates have increased nationally over the last four years.  Similarly, production for implants has also risen nationally. This is likely due to the versatility and effectiveness of the implants in the market today. For dentists and patients alike, implants are a tool to prevent bone loss while providing a solution for missing teeth. Together this data indicates a growth phase for the implant industry and the dentists who perform these procedures. 

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