Curaden Introduces 2 New Toothpaste Flavors

These 2 new vegan toothpaste flavors eliminate bacteria, freshen breath, and gently whiten teeth without harsh chemicals.

Curaden has announced 2 new vegan toothpaste flavors to add to its BeYou line. These flavors, Peach + Apricot and Watermelon, are designed to gently whiten teeth and eliminate bacteria without the use of bleach or sodium lauryl sulphate.

These 2 new flavors use menthol power pearls to freshen breath, and an enzymatic whitening supported by glucose oxidase, which eliminates the need for the rough abrasion that can often be associated with teeth whitening. There is no triclosan or microplastics in these new flavors, providing a comfort for customers who wish to have a more natural daily brushing routine.

Curaden’s new flavors contain hydroxyapatite, which serves as a protectant for sensitive tooth-root surfaces, and xylitol, which fights bacteria. These 2 new flavors are available now.