The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Dental Industry – A conversation with Clinical Editor Dr. John Flucke

Dr. John Flucke joins Editorial Director Noah Levine to discuss what is happening in Dr. Flucke's practice and the larger dental world during the current pandemic.

Find out what's been happening in Chief Clinical Editor and Technology Editor Dr. John Flucke's practice as the COVID-19 Pandemic has forced him and most other dental practices to shut their doors to all but emergency patients.

Dr. Flucke joins Editorial Director Noah Levine via Zoom to share what his thoughts on how the shutdown orders and general directives to dental professionals have been managed as the national and global crisis worsened. Dr. Flucke explains his approach to safely treating emergency cases, what the current situation means for his practice's finances, his staff and himself, as well as what he's been doing to keep busy, including 3D printing a novel design for a N95 facemask.