Corporate Profiles: Q&A with Hiossen

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2011-08-01, Issue 8

What measures have you taken to continuously improve implant quality?

What measures have you taken to continuously improve implant quality?
HIOSSEN and its mother company, OSSTEM IMPLANT, continue to strive in improving the quality of implants by constantly monitoring market trends and collecting feedback data from numerous clinics throughout the world, using a VOC (Voice of Customer) system and monthly meetings among sales, marketing, R&D, and manufacturing departments, as well as panels of associate clinicians. All collected suggestions and opinions are scrutinized thoroughly and scientifically tested based on our rigorous analysis prior to incorporating them into R&D and manufacturing processes.

With so many implants available today, what sets your line apart?
HIOSSEN provides a complete package to the practitioners: educational programs; widest selection of fixtures and restorative options; world class customer service; advanced product design and surface treatment; and competitive pricing and payment options. As far as the implant itself is concerned, HIOSSEN offers a wide range of selections, ranging from Ø2.5mm to Ø7mm. In addition, our integrated platform switching ability keeps the normal bone loss down to the minimum to enhance the esthetics and stability of the soft tissue, not to mention one of the best surface treatment and design of fixtures. In addition, the parent company Osstem Implant continues to maintain its predominant presence as one of the top companies in the leading Asian-Pacific market with a vast global network that spans over 40 different countries throughout the globe.

You also offer a variety of surgical instrumentation. What aspects that give you an edge?
Our R&D department is working hard to develop technologies to further our already enhanced bio-compatible and user-friendly products and tools. Our recently launched product, Crestal Approach Sinus Kit (CAS Kit), is being embraced by customers and is generating very encouraging feedback about its features that contribute to lifting sinus membrane with minimal risk of perforation. More innovative, user-friendly, and technologically advanced products and tools will also be coming up.

How does your AIC Implant Education program creates value for customers?
Since 2000, our education division, AIC (Advanced Implant Courses) has established itself as one of the best surgical-based implant continuing education institutions to provide realistic and practical implant training. Its curriculums include the basics of implants, patient diagnosis, case selection, product understanding, prosthesis, abutment selection, and live surgery by attendees under the supervision of course faculties. Over 100,000 dentists have already reaped the benefits from the courses provided by the AIC education programs worldwide.

How do you support the dental professional once the purchase is made?
From product assistance, surgery assist, to staff and patient management-it is like adding an implant coordinator to the practice, free of charge. We will be at the clinician’s office on every implant surgery until the clinician feels absolutely comfortable. We do our best to be a long-term partner for clinicians’ success, and believe that we can grow only if our customers grow. I like the advertising phrase by another company, “You can do it. We can help!” With AIC education, customer service, and our products, HIOSSEN would like to say, “You can do ImplanTs. We can help!