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Dental Products ReportDental Products Report-2011-08-01
Issue 8

XLDent™ has a long track record in developing software. Tell us why that is important as new technologies start to shape the industry.

XLDent™ has a long track record in developing software. Tell us why that is important as new technologies start to shape the industry.

Because experience makes all the difference. Especially when customers have come to expect our products and services to run on the latest platforms and take advantage of the newest user interface. Our time in the industry and experience in the field have earned us depth of knowledge, experience in implementation, reality awareness, and a successful new technology launch track record.

What makesXLDent™ stand out amongst your competition?

The entire XLDent™ Suite runs in a wireless, mobile environment. It was designed with Tablet PC and cloud technologies in mind, and provides a simple, intuitive user interface. Easy to use, flexible, mobile, powerful, fast, and feature-rich are interchangeable descriptors for XLDent™ because our development tools allow us to keep them all at the top of the priority list.

You have a full suite of software products that can be purchased separately. Why did you position things this way?

We know not all dentists are ready to transition to a full paperless environment in one step. Experience has taught us that established practices do better with technology when they can take small steps and phase into a total solution. While start-up practices need a fully functioning, interoperable digital records system the first day they open their doors for business.

Your software team supports a large distribution channel of dental dealers who offer a large number of sensors and PAN brands. How do you do it?

We are able to offer choice in digital x-ray selection by maintaining integration standards and continually training our staff and partners. Our focus is the customer and the software, not the sale of any particular piece of digital equipment, so bringing various technologies together is where we put our energy.

Based on your history, knowledge of the industry and vision of the future, where do you think dental software is going?

Dentistry demands sophisticated solutions-solutions that are powerful by design and complex in delivery. The dental software user demands simplicity and flexibility. With EHR’s and various federal and state mandates coming in the future, interoperability of patient records outside of a dental practice’s own systems will become a necessity. To provide clients with feature-rich software, mobility inside and outside the office, as well as interoperability, I believe we will see practice management systems evolving into hybrid solutions. You see XLDent™ taking this path by serving up solutions like ePrescribing and Patient Access Portals which reside in the cloud, yet continuing to provide resource intensive solutions with the raw power, speed and efficiency of client-server computing. To keep everything client-server based or try to push everything through an internet browser is not realistic; a hybrid mix of complementary solutions is where I believe dental software is going and where we are taking XLDent™.

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