Corporate Profile: Q&A with Align Technology

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2011-08-01, Issue 8

What can dentists look forward to in regards to Align’s commitment to constant innovation?

What can dentists look forward to in regards to Align’s commitment to constant innovation?

As the pioneer and leader in clear aligner therapy, Align’s focus is to continue to push the boundaries of science, bio-mechanics and technology to address the needs of evolving dental practices. We recently introduced Invisalign® G3, a collection of innovations engineered to deliver even better clinical results. Key features include new Precision Cuts designed to make it easier to treat Class II & III patients, new SmartForce® attachment and aligner features designed to increase predictability of certain tooth movements, and a more intuitive user interface and drag-and-drop features for ClinCheck 3.0 to enable more efficient treatment planning and better communication with Align. The innovations in Invisalign G3 really get at the heart of what doctors have been asking for from Invisalign treatment.

Another tremendous leap forward for Align is the recent acquisition of Cadent Holdings Inc., one of the emerging leaders in the fast growing intraoral scanning market and our joint development partner for delivering Invisalign applications at chairside.  Cadent, like Align, has strong expertise in advanced digital modeling, robust software development, and integrated systems. Over the next 5 years, we believe intraoral scanners will become widely used in dental practices and intraoral scanning technology will transform the dental industry. Align is positioned to be a leader in the future innovation in digital dentistry.  

What impact will those changes have on how practitioners use, evaluate or purchase the technology, and on patient care?

Intraoral scanning virtually eliminates the need for impressions across multiple applications. This saves time and money by eliminating prep, clean-up and mess, and the cost of consumables. It also eliminates the discomfort of impressions and re-impressions for patients. With Align’s iTero Digital Impression system, restorations fit properly 99.5% of the time, virtually eliminating remakes. In addition, with intraoral scanning, seating appointments are much shorter.

The iTero system has unique technology that makes it easy to use-no powder is required, which means not only no mess of powder coating teeth but also the scanner can provide perfect focus while resting on the tooth. The scanner can be used for any type of restoration including fixture level implants, and it allows doctors to continue working with almost any lab. In addition, iTero is the only scanner that enables digital treatment submission for the Invisalign System.

After more than a decade of product innovation and more than 1.5 million Invisalign treatments, Align remains committed to constantly innovating to deliver the patient outcomes our customers expect and help them grow their practice.

What is the next step for someone considering offering the Invisalign system or acquiring an iTero Intraoral Digital Impression System?

Align offers more than 140 live new provider training events annually for the Invisalign system. Prospective customers can visit to find an upcoming event in a convenient location. In addition, Align provides hundreds of courses for continuing education to support our customers’ growth with the Invisalign system. To find out more about iTero, prospective customers can visit Existing Invisalign customers can contact their local Invisalign Territory Manager.