Convergent Unveils Single-Setting Laser

A new software update for the Solea laser system will allow dentists to cut any tissue using a single setting.

Convergent Dental Inc. has unveiled new software for its all-tissue dental laser that allows dentists to cut any tissue without changing settings.

The software enhances Convergent’s Solea anesthesia-free and blood-free laser. Dentists who use “Solea 3.0,” as the software is dubbed, can use a single setting for any tissue type, and control the laser with a variable speed foot pedal. For soft tissue, press more softly on the foot pedal; for tougher tissue, press more firmly on the pedal.

The manufacturer says the software works for tooth structure, bone and soft tissue.

The software was unveiled at the California Dental Association’s Anaheim meeting earlier this month.

“Solea 3.0 is like a care with automatic transmission — you simply turn it on, step on the pedal and go,” said Michael Cataldo, CEO of Convergent Dental.

Cataldo said the new system cuts 2.5 times faster and 5 times more smoothly than the previous software version.

The software update is being delivered wireless to Solea customers as part of its service plan.

Solea is the only computer-aided, CO2 laser system cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration for all tissue indications. Convergent said its tool can be a powerful growth driver for dentists, allowing dentists to perform more procedures in-house rather than referring those patients outside the practice.