Convergent Dental announces the Next Generation of Solea

The new, smaller laser is said to cut faster, smoother and 99.2 percent anesthesia-free.

Convergent Dental, developers of Solea®, the industry-leading CO2 all-tissue dental laser, announces The Next Generation of Solea. The latest advancements reportedly provide unprecedented performance, significant software upgrades, improved ergonomics, increased accessibility and a smaller footprint.

“This new generation of Solea provides a quantum leap in performance at every level. Most importantly it enables dentists to do virtually 100 percent of cavity preps anesthesia-free,” says Convergent Dental CEO Michael Cataldo. “In addition, Solea now cuts faster and smoother, so dentists get more done in less time with an even better patient experience.” 

Solea earned its reputation for enabling dramatic practice growth and reduced stress for dentists and patients by taking anesthesia, bleeding, sutures and discomfort out of the dental experience. Before the launch of this new platform, Solea dentists reported doing four to six more procedures per day while feeling like they were doing less work.

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With this new generation, Solea dentists will reportedly benefit from even more growth while enjoying an even more relaxing work day. Better still, it all comes in a smaller package that's even easier to use.  

Unprecedented clinical performance - Statistics collected from more than 1,000 procedures in early use of the new Solea platform are said to include:

  • Improved anesthesia-free performance - Nearly 100 percent of cavity preps were completed without anesthesia and without discomfort.

  • Faster hard tissue cutting by 31 percent compared to the previous platform.

  • 10 percent smoother surface finishes providing better margins and reduced prep time.

  • Faster soft tissue cutting with minimal to no bleeding.   

Smaller footprint - Solea is designed to be 15 percent slimmer, making it easier to move around the office and operatory.

Enhanced software – User-customizable options, user-specific profiles and faster startup.

Enhanced ergonomics - A lighter, more maneuverable handpiece with improved rotation and a wider range of motion.

Improved remote access – A 4G LTE mobile data connection has been added, along with the existing Wi-Fi capability, improving Solea’s accessibility for software updates and remote service and support.  

Actual results: 99.2 percent of 833 cavities and 132 soft tissue procedures treated successfully without local anesthesia in early use.

For more information about Solea, visit or call 844-GOSOLEA.