Company releases temporary solution for teeth clenching


QuickSplint is designed to be worn at night and removed in the morning for a period of up to six weeks or until the patient no longer needs it or is transitioned to a permanent appliance.

QuickSplint is designed to relax muscles overnight for up to six weeks.


QuickSplint is an interim solution for inhibiting the full force of parafunctional teeth clenching, shielding teeth and dental work and giving the pericranial musculature an opportunity to relax overnight.

QuickSplint is designed to be worn at night and removed in the morning for a period of up to six weeks or until the patient no longer needs it or is transitioned to a permanent appliance.

"When Dr. Bradley Eli first invented QuickSplint, he did it to help his orofacial pain patients get same-day treatment and overnight relief," said Ann McCulloch, president of QuickSplint LLC, manufacturer of QuickSplint. "As we started sharing QuickSplint with other dentists, we were amazed by the incredible response to the product. We never imagined so many uses for QuickSplint in the realm of cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentists are our fastest growing customer segment."

QuickSplint is said to fill a need in dental care that until now has been overlooked or has been time-consuming in its application. There are many circumstances in dentistry where keeping teeth out of contact is advantageous, but, until now, there hasn't been a solution that is easily and quickly custom-fit for same-day use.

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Uses for QuickSplint across cosmetic dentistry include protecting newly seated provisionals, restorations and veneers, deprogramming and taking bite records, as a protective and healing aid for newly placed implants and for a variety of other uses.

"I am using QuickSplint for cosmetic cases. This includes everything from recording open bite centric occlusion records to provisional protection and final prosthesis protection. Used as a diagnostic tool, as a first line of treatment, or as a step in treatment, QuickSplint is a valuable treatment tool," said John Weston, DDS, accredited fellow, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and course instructor and lecturer at this year's AACD.

QuickSplint® was designed by Dr. Bradley Eli, DMD, MS, an orofacial pain expert treating TMD, headache disorders and sleep disordered breathing. Dr. Eli originally designed QuickSplint for his own patients, but as word about QuickSplint spread, doctors from other specialties were interested in using QuickSplint for their patients. From general dentistry, to cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, endodontics and implant dentistry, general practitioners and specialists alike reportedly are finding QuickSplint to be a practical solution for many applications in dentistry and orofacial pain. Successfully used with patients for more than 10 years, QuickSplint is FDA-approved and is made in the United States. To learn more visit

To learn more about QuickSplint, watch the video below:

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