Common Clinical Challenges Are No Match for This Trio of Parkell Solutions

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report April 2023
Volume 57
Issue 4

[SPONSORED] Learn about three of the newest solutions from Parkell and the key ways they can help your practice find clinical success.

Dentistry is a great career, and most clinicians love that every day brings new opportunities to help patients maintain and improve their oral and overall health. Whether you’re a dentist providing restorative care, or a hygienist focused on prevention and prophylaxis, the day-to-day work can be very rewarding.

Still, working as a dental professional is not without challenges both major and minor. New technologies, materials, and techniques continue to change the treatment and preventive possibilities you can offer to your patients, but even the most common materials and equipment still present clinicians with obstacles to providing the most effective and efficient patient care.

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This is why it’s important to take note of innovations that can eliminate some of these everyday concerns and impediments in the operatory. Three recent products from Parkell are positioned to do just that, so read on to learn how Brush&Bond® MAX, the TurboSensor®+ Ultrasonic Scaler, and Predicta® Bioactive Cement can help enhance your clinical efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

The Challenge: Applying bonding agents can be technique-sensitive, leading to reduced clinician confidence, and increased chances of post-op sensitivity for patients.

Brush&Bond® MAX 4-META Dentin/Enamel Composite Bonding System

The Solution: Brush&Bond® MAX 4-META Dentin/Enamel Composite Bonding System

The ability to bond dental composites, as well as indirect restorations, offers dentists a range of restorative options, but these materials have not come without a few drawbacks. Most bonding systems require a scrubbing step in the application process, and this is where many clinicians start to become concerned, as they do not have confidence that the scrubbing process is covering the entire prep surface. This can be problematic, as it might be related to increased risk of post-op sensitivity.

Parkell’s Brush&Bond MAX solves this problem by eliminating the scrubbing step altogether. Instead, it is applied with a special Brush&Bond Activator Brush that is simply dipped in a few drops of the material and touched to the prep surface until the entire surface is wet. The entire workflow is fast, simple, and designed to virtually eliminate post-op sensitivity for your patients.

Compatible with all etching techniques, Brush&Bond MAX is delivered in a single bottle containing etchant, adhesive, and desensitizer. It works with just one coat, is compatible with all composite materials, and features a low film thickness, making it an ideal option for almost any case requiring bonding.

The Challenge:Maintaining an ultrasonic unit in a busy prophy room can be time-consuming.

TurboSensor®+ Ultrasonic Scaler

The Solution: TurboSensor®+ Ultrasonic Scaler

The prophy operatory is among the busiest places in many practices, and efficiency between patient appointments can take some of the stress out of a full schedule. Being fast is good, but that can’t come at the expense of proper asepsis and instrument management. Everything must be properly sterilized and sanitized before the room is ready for the next patient.

This is where the seemingly simple upgrades Parkell made to its latest ultrasonic unit can offer big benefits to a busy practice. The TurboSensor+ Ultrasonic Scaler takes the reliability its predecessor was known for and adds a number of features that can bring new levels of efficiency to a dental operatory. The system uses an ergonomic, detachable, autoclavable handpiece that connects to the unit with a twist. Additionally, the tap-on purge function allows the lines to be purged without the need to continue pressing a button on the unit.

Compatible with all market-leading 30K inserts, the system features an IntelliSense™ processor to provide consistent performance. The compact unit is easy to move, quick to set up, and available in a variety of colors to stand out, or blend in, with any office decor.

The Challenge: Resin cements can allow microgaps at the margins, leading to microleakage and potentially recurrent decay.

Predicta® Bioactive Cement

The Solution: Predicta® Bioactive Cement

The advanced chemistry of modern dental materials allows clinicians to do amazing things for their patients. The wide range of restorative materials means there is likely to be an ideal solution for every unique patient situation. So universal material options that can simplify workflows and shrink product inventories are welcome ways to simplify restorative cases.

This is why resin cements have become a popular choice when seating many indirect, as well as direct composite cases. These materials can cement both dentin and enamel as well as the wide range of restorative materials in use today, but like all resin materials, they shrink during polymerization, and this can create microgaps, especially around margins, and these microgaps can be linked to secondary caries.

To solve this challenge, Parkell introduced Predicta Bioactive Cement, a self-adhesive, self-etching, dual-curing universal resin cement that exhibits bioactivity promoting the continuous release of calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions. In turn, this bioactivity promotes the formation of hydroxyapatite around the margins, filling the gap, and helping to protect both the restoration and the tooth.

Along with the benefits of its bioactive formulation, Predicta Bioactive Cement also shows outstanding bond strengths to the full range of substrate materials used today. It even includes MDP, which helps the cement achieve strong bonds with zirconia. These properties also make the material easy to handle and clean up, as well as help to eliminate post-op sensitivity.

Dentistry continues to change and improve, but along the way it continues to grow more complex. Innovations that can help provide outstanding patient outcomes—such as this trio from Parkell—can help make your day a little easier while providing your patients with the best dental care possible.

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