Columbia Dentoform by DENTALEZ Launches New Surgical Manikin Surgio

This manikin will assist dental students and continuing education learners to get hands-on, personalized training on a lifelike structure.

Columbia Dentoform by DENTALEZ® has announced the launch of its new surgical manikin, Surgio. Surgio is designed to offer dental students the kind of realism that will bolster their accuracy, particularly with simulated bone densities, according to a press release from DENTALEZ.

Surgio’s oral cavity is said to have lifelike soft tissue and accurate bone density. This educational manikin also has a cost-effective price point, according to Director of Sales, International and Special Markets, Carlos Martinez.

“Our manikin will work in tandem with your customers’ curriculum milestones, while retaining the flexibility to adjust to specialized preferences,” Martinez said in the press release. “And, the manikins are completely vendor-neutral, compatible with all major manufacturers’ implant systems. So you can continue to seamlessly support the relationships you already have.”

Surgio allows dental students and continuing education learners to get hands-on experience with placing, tightening, and loosening implants, as well as restorative work.

Surgio is available now.