Collaboration Produces First Intraoral Scanning System With a Zirconia Pediatric Crown Module

Kinder Krowns partners with 3Disc and Alphabyte to deliver efficient, real-time data for preparation guidance.

Kinder Krowns, the pediatric division of Apex Dental Laboratory Group, in partnership with 3Disc, and Alphabyte, is launching the world's first intraoral scanning system with a zirconia pediatric crown module.

The system has the potential to increase procedural efficiency by 100% and mitigates over-reduction, which can lead to unnecessary pulp treatments, according to Kinder Krowns. With the 3Disc scanner, and the Alphabyte software add on, the system can do a preop scan that gives a heat mapped guide for placing preformed zirconia pediatric crowns.

Within mere seconds, the scanner picks up enough data on the target and neighboring teeth to provide real-time data for preparation guidance.

The patent-pending algorithm goes as far as to provide a crown proposal and illustrates a reduction depth chart for the clinician to follow, says Brandon Richards, general manager, Kinder Krowns. Additionally, the provider may rescan after the initial reduction attempt, if necessary, to identify any areas that were under-reduced.

Additional features and crown solutions will be included with software releases planned for Q1 of 2023. To learn more, visit