Colgate Professional Direct Launches to Connect Patients with Clinician Recommended Home Care Products

New online service allows clinicians to recommend Colgate products, and patients can purchase them at discount prices directly from the website.

Colgate recently launched Colgate Professional Direct (CPD) an online platform where dentists can send home care product recommendations to their patients. Patients then receive an invitation to purchase the products directly from the website at discounted prices.

Dental professionals can create a profile on the site, choose the products they’d like to recommend and send those recommendations directly to their patients via email or text. Patients can access the CPD site from a link in the email with the recommended products automatically added to a virtual shopping cart for efficient check out. The site includes the latest products from Colgate, including the new hum smart electric toothbrush.

The site offers patients a chance to purchase clinician-recommended products at prices below what is typically charged in retail stores, while dental professionals using CPD have a way to offer patients discounted home care products without having to manage retail sales from the practice itself. Additionally, practices can choose to accept 10% of the sales or redirect all or part of those funds to the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures program.

Dental professionals can register at to start using the service.