CloudPrep Platform Designed Specifically to Prepare Dental Practices for the Cloud

This new platform from T2 Consulting will allow dental practices to fully prepare team members for the cloud, offering a 6-point plan to focus on a successful shift to this technology.

T2 Consulting has announced the launch of CloudPrep, a website that will assist dental practices preparing for the cloud, according to a press release from the group. CloudPrep has 3 primary goals; constructing a successful technology blueprint, eliminating sales pressure and bias in the learning space, and ensuring benefits offset costs through helpful, insightful content.

To ensure these 3 goals are met, CloudPrep has what is called the CloudPrep 6-point plan, which is designed to be an a step-by-step guide to properly prepare dental practices and employees to be fully ready for the cloud. It also includes a bid-check spreadsheet for cost comparisons, idea galleries, e-forms, and more, according to the press release.

Now available, CloudPrep can be obtained through a monthly or yearly subscription. T2 Consulting is also offering an online calculator to estimate cost savings for potential users. For additional information on CloudPrep, visit