Cloud Dentistry Will Demo New Hiring Platform at Greater New York

The new staffing platform is designed to connect practices with empty positions to qualified dental professionals.

Cloud Dentistry will be making its Greater New York Dental Meeting debut on November 27. The company will be demonstrating its unique dental marketplace software while helping DSOs and practices fill empty positions as well as growing its network of dental professionals seeking permanent or temporary positions.

“Cloud Dentistry can help minimize the volatility of today’s dental job market. It was specifically designed to connect dental professionals with the highly-rated practices they want to work for,” Cloud Dentistry’s CEO, Trey Tepichin, said in a press release. “In addition, it also connects dental practices with the verified team members that they need. Cloud Dentistry is quicker, and much more reliable than standard job postings while being a fraction of the cost of using a staffing agency or recruiter.”

The company has created what it describes as the most reliable peer review platform available by keeping both sides of the marketplace accountable. This is designed to enable the office to see the number of bookings a professional had through the platform, along with the number of times they have been late or a no-show. Conversely, dental professionals can see practice reviews by their peers to help them select the best potential employers.

The platform offers employers and professionals 3 ways to connect, including job postings, bilateral messaging, and on-demand booking requests. Other features include permanent and temporary hygienists and dental assistant positions, interactive 2-way messaging between candidates and employers, and problematic professionals and practices with low ratings are removed from the platform to ensure the quality of candidate/employer matches.

Cloud Dentistry’s platform does not require a contract, which eliminates buy-outs or cancellation fees. It is free for professionals and they are able to keep their full compensation. There are several subscription options for practices under $100 per month.

The company will demonstrate its new platform during the Greater New York Meeting at booth #728 from November 27-30.