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Closer Look: An Easy, Adaptable, Quick Bruxism Solution

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report October 2021
Volume 55
Issue 10

The GrindRelief PRO bruxism treatment allows dentists to deliver same-day appliances for a fast, economical solution.

If there were ever any doubt about how much Rodolfo Olmos, DDS, trusts GrindRelief PRO, it disappears once you learn that he uses the bruxism treatment on his staff and has also recommended it to relatives. Earlier this year, Dr Olmos was provided a sample of GrindRelief PRO and began putting the appliance to use.

The new bruxism solution from Grind Guard Technologies is easy to learn to use. Because it requires no models or laboratory fees, it is economical and allows clinicians to treat patients during the same visit in which they receive a diagnosis.

Rodolfo Olmos, DDS

Rodolfo Olmos, DDS

When the package arrived, it included an instructional video. Before long, Dr Olmos was making an appliance for his hygienist to put to work.

“When I get something new, we ideally want to try it within the staff,” says Dr Olmos, a native of Colombia who has multiple dental practices in Florida. “When I get a new impression material, I tell my staff to grab some impression trays and try it out. With this bruxism system, we saw the video that was included in the package, and it was very simple.”

In less than 10 minutes, his hygienist was testing her new GrindRelief PRO. The material turns transparent in hot water, is then placed in the patient’s mouth, and can easily be adapted to fit the patient. The manipulation process is very simple, according to Dr Olmos.

Many individuals suffer from bruxism, but the COVID-19 pandemic has only worsened things. “Oh absolutely, it’s important [to treat bruxism] and especially now with a pandemic, you know, a lot of people are stressed out,” Dr Olmos says. “Even my 8-year-old son grinds like crazy. We don’t really know the origins and we don’t really understand the whys of the bruxism, but there have been multiple research studies that state that it may be stress related.”

The appliance is based on the Nociceptive trigeminal inhibition tension suppression system mechanism of action. It features a unique central power bar to prevent bite-through and is designed to dramatically reduce harmful muscle activity.

GrindRelief PRO bruxism appliance

GrindRelief PRO

Based on the Nociceptive trigeminal inhibition tension suppression system mechanism of action, GrindRelief PRO does not require models, laboratory fees, or multiple appointments. With this new bruxism treatment, you can offer economical therapy the same day you diagnose. The appliance features a unique central power bar to prevent bite-through and reduce harmful muscle activity by 60% or more.

Grind Guard Technologies, LLC


One big advantage of GrindRelief PRO is that it can be quickly and easily produced and adapted so that patients can leave with their bruxism appliance the same day they receive a diagnosis at a regular dental visit.

“Most dentists will agree that if a patient is willing to have treatment, they want to do it fast, especially a patient with bruxism who is suffering,” he says. “You don’t want to wait to take the impression, set, pour the models, and send it off to the lab. This system is just very convenient.”

Because using the GrindGuard PRO is so quick, easy, and economical, Dr Olmos decided initially to try it with patients free of charge. He quickly found these patients, his staff, and a relative all believing in the benefits.

“I had no patient saying, ‘No, I don’t want it.’ All of them were very excited,” he says. “It is very convenient, and if you’re tracking this device, it’s easy to modify, which is very useful.”

One patient with 2 veneers created a tricky situation, noting it was difficult to remove the appliance and drawing concern that doing so might loosen the veneers. But the appliance was removed, reheated, and adapted to perfect the fit. The instructional video shows how to modify the appliance if a patient has a filling or a crown placed.

Dr Olmos said some patients have modified the appliance themselves at home, but adds it’s probably best they return to the office. “I really don’t mind having them come in or asking questions,” he says. “That’s part of the job and I enjoy having that follow-up. Again, what I value is that it’s easy to manipulate in the office. It’s a solution that can be given on a patient that same day; they don’t have to wait. It’s easy to use and very easy to manipulate. If something is not completely perfect, you can simply modify it.”

The patients don’t miss dealing with impression materials. “Believe me, a lot of patients will tell you, ‘I’m having this issue.’ So it’s great to tell our patients we can do it now and it’s simple and it’s not painful; we don’t have to put any impression material inside your mouth, and so there’s no gagging,” he adds.

Patients report it’s easy to clean and very comfortable, so adherence should not be an issue. “I’m going to be very honest: I couldn’t really find any disadvantage on this appliance per se,” he says.

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