Clinician’s Choice Launches Quad-Tray® Ultimate™ Posterior Tray for Impressions

Clinician’s Choice has launched a fully recyclable, rigid, aluminum posterior tray for impressions for dental restorative procedures.

Clinician’s Choice has announced a new metal dual-arch impression tray called the Quad-Tray Ultimate Posterior. This tray is designed to prevent impression distortion, manufactured with lightweight and ultra-rigid aluminum. It features a 0.07mm thick Ultra-Lock mesh that is said to allow for secure fusion of the preparation and opposing impression, according to a press release from Clinician’s Choice.

The distal bar is 2.6mm thick to prevent impingement at the retro molar pad, and the distal ends are rounded provide the right fit the first time. The tray also features low sidewalls to prevent palatal impingement and axial roll of the tray wall. The arch is wide, customizable, and easily accommodated to fit the right shape. As an added bonus, the tray is recyclable.

This dual-arch impression tray is rigid while still maintaining the kind of flex necessary for a good impression, according to Director of Biomaterials at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry, Nathaniel Lawson, DMD, PhD.

“In order for dual-arch trays to allow the capture of an accurate impression and interocclusal record, they must maintain rigidity,” Dr Lawson said in the press release. “Metal trays, such as the Quad-Tray Ultimate Posterior, provides about 10x more rigidity of plastic dual-arch trays.”

This dual-arch tray is available for purchase now.