Clinician’s Choice introduces EVANESCE FLOW


The flowable composite is said to provide an excellent shade and opacity match.

Offering preferred handling, high strength and amazing esthetics, CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® Dental Products Inc., announces the addition of EVANESCE™ Flow, a flowable composite, to its line of innovative, clinically proven products.

Mirroring the chemistry, shades and opacities of EVANESCE™ Nano-Enhanced Universal Composite, all-new EVANESCE FLOW reportedly provides an excellent shade and opacity match to the EVANESCE system as well as the VITA Classic shade guide, enabling it to be used on its own or in combination with EVANESCE. EVANESCE FLOW is said to move easily when manipulated without sticking to the instrument causing pull-back. Thixotropic for improved control and easily dispensed from the syringe, EVANESCE FLOW will not slump on a vertical surface – making it ideal for use in Class Vs and small Class IIs.

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A low rate of shrinkage (3.6% compared with up to 5%) combined with a high filler content (62% by weight and 48% by volume) makse EVANESCE FLOW truly universal, for use anywhere in the mouth. EVANESCE FLOW is reportedly ideal for superficial Class Is and IIs due to its esthetics, ability to be adapted to the tooth and high strength. Class Vs benefit from its no-slump handling and range of opacities and shades. EVANESCE FLOW is invaluable as a liner base in posterior restorations to support the dentinal/adhesive seal, preventing post-operative sensitivity due to its low contraction shrinkage. Radiographically, EVANESCE FLOW is easily distinguishable from tooth structure and neighboring composite with a radiopacity of 200% Al.

Available in the 1.7g syringe in the most popular shades, EVANESCE FLOW A1, A2 and A3 Enamel shades will satisfy the majority of applications. However, an A4 Universal shade is also available for the aging population; while B1 Enamel and BL1 (Bleach) Universal shades are perfect for younger patients or for those who have previously whitened their teeth. In situations where there are varying degrees of cavity depth or discoloration of the underlying tooth structure, A4 Universal and A2 Dentin shades provide the ability to esthetically mask-out or layer the restoration.

EVANESCE FLOW Flowable Composite is distributed exclusively through Henry Schein Dental. For more information, contact Clinician’s Choice at 1-800-265-3444 or visit

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