Cleveland Dentist Charged With $400,000 Medicaid Fraud

Federal authorities say a Cleveland dentist routinely billed Medicaid for procedures he never performed.

A Cleveland dentist was charged Monday with fraud after authorities say he billed Medicaid hundreds of thousands of dollars for teeth fillings he never actually performed.

Robert Rouzaud, 59, the owner of Five Points Dental Centre, allegedly submitted fraudulent claims worth approximately $408,000 between 2009 and 2015, for which he was paid a minimum of $343,000.

According to the charging documents, Rouzaud billed for several fillings on the same teeth though he never provided them.

Some of these fillings were even for teeth that had previously been pulled, while others were for patients who had dentures.

This was not Rouzaud’s first dance with illegal billing practices. Accused of billing Medicaid for unnecessary teeth restorations in 2003, he settled a lawsuit by the US Justice Department for $15,000.

The US Department of Health and Human Services has been investigating Rouzaud since 2014.

After an office raid in June and interviews with patients, Rouzaud’s office was reported as “ragged” and none of his instruments he used were sterile. Patients reportedly complained it was difficult to schedule appointments.

Rouzaud’s license was suspended for 30 days in August 2002 for not properly sterilizing his dental instruments and not wearing a chin-length face shield mask and eyewear.

He was also suspended for 120 days in 2005 for issues regarding diagnoses and questionable Medicaid billing.

However, his license is currently active.

Rouzaud faces one count of healthcare fraud but as the charge was filed in criminal information, a plea agreement is potentially forthcoming.