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Purchasing a milling unit is a big decision. There are many options, features and specifications to consider, and your selection depends on what type of materials you use, how much you have allocated to spend and how your lab operates on a day-to-day basis.

Purchasing a milling unit is a big decision. There are many options, features and specifications to consider, and your selection depends on what type of materials you use, how much you have allocated to spend and how your lab operates on a day-to-day basis.

Today’s milling machines are compact, quick and versatile. Many are compatible with a variety of materials, CAD/CAM software options and technologies and enable flexibility, efficiency and time and money savings.  

We wanted to give you a quick roundup of some of the leading milling machine manufacturers out there. Whether you’re a small lab, large lab or somewhere in between, here is a snapshot of some of the top milling machine companies and products.

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Amann Girrbach

Ceramill Mikro

The Ceramill Mikro is said to be an extremely robust and compact four-axis milling machine for dry milling blanks and single blocks of zirconia, wax, hybrid-ceramic or dry-millable composite materials. It is reportedly equipped with high performance components for lasting stability, efficiency and precision yet it requires only a minimum financial investment. The Ceramill Mikro is designed to be ideal for laboratories looking to get into in-house CAD/CAM operation and also as an add-on machine to optimize efficiency and productivity in routine, everyday lab procedures. Covering the full range of classic laboratory in-house fabrication indications, including nonprecious frameworks, Ceramill Mikro is said to lay the foundation toward full in-house value creation, cost effectiveness and precision-fit, quality frameworks without the need for preparatory work or reworking.

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The Ceramill Mikro, with its great compact size, is amazingly fast, clean and reliable. It is running day and night in my laboratory, and, to date, I have never had any interruptions in production. Economically and in terms of efficiency, this purchase is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  
- Alex Wuensche, CDT and owner of Zahntechnique Dental Laboratory in Miami

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CS 3000

A part of Carestream Dental’s CS Solutions CAD/CAM portfolio, the CS 3000 milling machine reportedly allows dental professionals to mill and place crowns in a single appointment. It produces high quality, anatomically accurate shapes at a milling accuracy of +/- 25 µm, which is said to make it ideal for single-tooth restorations. The average milling time for a crown is less than 15 minutes. The system’s compact design and quiet, vibration-free milling allow owners to use the machine everywhere-even chairside.  

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I have this feeling of success after finishing a workflow almost immediately. This is quite unique.
- Daniel C. Delrose, DDS, North River Dental, Ellenton, Fla.

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Datron Dynamics, Inc.

D5 Dental Milling Machine

The D5 Dental Milling Machine is said to be unrivalled in the dental world. With a fully automated eight-blank changer and up to 15 tool-holding positions, it can mill titanium, chrome-cobalt, zirconia and other materials for more than 100 consecutive hours unattended. German-engineered for extreme rigidity and precision, the D5 was designed for the sole purpose of milling complex dental parts and implant geometries. The D5 reportedly provides your lab with the flexibility it needs to mill anything from bars and custom abutments to full-contour crowns, copings and bridges all while being controlled by the simplicity of an Apple iPad. Compatible with leading CAD/CAM software, it also allows for the integration of yet-to-be-developed technology.  

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Glidewell Laboratories


The TS150™ from IOS Technologies reportedly enables dental professionals to mill in-office, same-day crowns that seat with precision. The unit’s air-driven 150,000-rpm spindle is combined with a patented orbital milling strategy said to ensure excellent marginal integrity of the final restoration. With average cases being fully completed in less than 90 minutes, the TS150 reportedly is an affordable solution for clinicians looking to significantly reduce their case turnaround time. The TS150 is said to pair seamlessly with the Align Technology iTero®, 3Shape TRIOS® and 3M™ True Definition Scanner to facilitate an end-to-end digital workflow. Currently, the TS150 can mill restorations from Obsidian® lithium silicate ceramic, Lava™ Ultimate Restorative, VITABLOCS® Mark II and VITA ENAMIC® milling blocks.  

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With the TS150 chairside mill, I’ve been able to deliver beautiful crowns for my patients in as little as an hour. After scanning the prep with my iTero®, I receive an automatic crown design proposal that is usually just what I need. In most cases, the crown can be delivered without any adjustments prior to cementation. While same-day dentistry appeals to patients for obvious reasons, I’ve been most impressed with the precise margins and fit of these restorations. And with the recent announcement of BruxZir® NOW for the TS150, milling zirconia crowns chairside without the time-consuming sintering process has become a reality.
- Paresh Patel, DDS, Mooresville, N.C.

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Ivoclar Vivadent

Zenotec Select Hybrid
The Zenotec Select hybrid is said to combine versatility with high precision and process reliability. The reportedly innovative mill is a state-of-the-art five-axis machining system that is capable of wet grinding and dry milling dental materials. The system is available in two versions: one with and one without an eight-disc material changer. As a result, the machine can be operated manually or fully automatically. The 16-position tool changer automatically changes and switches out worn tools for new ones. The wet grinding function of the Zenotec Select hybrid accommodates the milling requirements of the lithium disilicate glass-ceramic IPS e.max CAD and the leucite glass-ceramic IPS Empress CAD. The dry milling process is said to be optimally matched to the zirconium oxide discs of the Zenostar system and reportedly produces high precision results.

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I would highly recommend the Zenotec CAD/CAM mills to any laboratory looking at this technology. It mills for us overnight, making us very efficient. Additionally, Ivoclar Vivadent provides a great warranty program and outstanding service. Really, it’s a no-brainer.
- Bruce Barrish, Colonial Dental Laboratory

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Jensen Dental

Preciso M200

Jensen Dental’s Preciso M200 Mill is a compact, four-axis desktop milling system that is said to offer unmatched speed, accuracy and reliability. With its easy-to-use CAM interface, six-tool automatic changer, high frequency Jäger spindle and ability to accept STL import directly into the CAM, this high performance, versatile machine is designed to make it easy to dry mill a variety of restorative materials, including zirconia, wax, PMMA and resin nanoceramics. The Preciso M200 Mill from Jensen Dental is said to produce consistently beautiful restorations characterized by smooth surfaces, highly detailed occlusal anatomy and flawless marginal integrity. For use with either 98 mm pucks or 3M ESPE Lava® and Jensen Frames, the M200 reportedly provides both flexibility and value.

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Roland DGA


Roland’s new DWX-51D dental mill is said to feature a next-generation design based on in-depth product and market research, as well as extensive feedback from DWX-50 users. Technological advancements, including a new five-axis system, an engineered dust collection system, a 10-station ATC and more, reportedly maximize precision, performance and ease of use. The DWX-51D mill’s five-axis system is designed to allow for simultaneous movements and greater orthogonal accuracy, reportedly making it perfect for dry milling zirconia, wax, PMMA, PEEK, gypsum and composite resins. A new C-clamp is designed to let you swap out materials easily to handle dental prosthetics ranging from simple copings and crowns to bridges and temporaries. The DWX-51D reportedly is also ideal for creating more complex restorations like abutments, full-span bridges, frameworks, bars, sleep and bite splint ortho devices, surgical guides and dental models with dies.

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The new Roland DWX-51D dental mill takes five-axis dry milling performance to a whole new level, offering users unsurpassed precision, efficiency and ease of use. Its open architecture system, advanced features, seamless workflow and simple operation put this next-generation mill at the top of its class.
- Brian Brooks, senior product manager, dental solutions, Roland DGA

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inLab® MC X5

Sirona’s inLab® MC X5 is said to be the only five-axis milling and grinding unit that switches seamlessly between wet and dry functions and processes the widest range of materials. inLab MC X5 reportedly is the only system with optimized and certified milling/grinding strategies for materials from Sirona, VITA, Ivoclar Vivadent, 3M ESPE, GC and DENTSPLY. It also accommodates any 98 mm standard disc and milling block, reportedly enabling the fabrication of fixed restorations, implant abutments, models and wax patterns for removable denture frameworks. The inLab MC X5 is an open system designed to be used in combination with inLab software, open STL-design file import or any other laboratory CAD software.

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vhf camfacture AG

S2 Impression

S2 Impression is said to be vhf’s most versatile dental milling machine. It has five simultaneously working axes and is designed for dry milling, as well as wet grinding. You can reportedly machine blanks and blocks at your choice. The second rotary axis (B axis) with a rotation range of up to ± 30 degrees is designed to enable you to mill complex undercuts. Thanks to its eight-fold blank changer and 16-fold tool changer, it reportedly can be used for nonstop machining. The optional wet grinding module is said to open up new processing possibilities. The machine is designed to be suitable for a wide range of materials and indications and, due to its far-range switching mode power supply, is worldwide applicable.

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Compact Line Milling Unit M1 Wet Heavy Metal

The Compact Line Milling Unit M1 Wet Heavy Metal from Zirkonzahn is available in several models designed to match the needs and budget of dental laboratories of any size looking to take advantage of computer-aided manufacturing. The M1 Wet Heavy Metal reportedly has intelligent 5+1-axis simultaneous milling and orbit technology to deliver the ultimate in versatility. This means milling is possible in any conceivable plane; even undercuts and diverging abutments can be processed in a simple and fast way. The top-of-the-range Milling Unit M1 Wet Heavy Metal is said to offer complete versatility with both wet and dry processing functions for all soft materials and glass ceramics, as well as hard materials, including titanium and chrome-cobalt.

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Zubler USA

Dental Concept Systems DC1

The Dental Concept Systems DC1 is the newest addition to Zubler’s milling lineup, which includes the DC5 and DC7 systems. The DC1 is said to be a compact and very capable milling system and boasts five-axis simultaneous machining, modular construction for individual use, a coolant port for milling and grinding, an 18-tool magazine with automatic carousel, an automatic machine measurement system, secure preface abutment manufacturing, precise grinding of ceramic materials and synergy in manufacturing through DC Concept Control. The DC1’s smaller footprint reportedly means it can fit easily into any situation, and its design is said to be appealing in any setting.

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