Choosing the right composite for your patients

Rounding up some of the top dental materials on the market.

Now more than ever, patients are requesting highly esthetic restorations. And thanks to the latest dental composites available, that’s possible to achieve on a daily basis. Available in a variety of shades, modern composites feature  superb handling properties, making it easier for clinicians to shape and sculpt the material. Many also mimic the translucency and opacity of natural dentition, leading to highly esthetic and long-lasting results.

Here, we’ve compiled some of the top materials on the market. Take a look at the next few pages and you may just find a composite that’s perfect for your practice and your patients.

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e-on® Universal Composite

• A light-cured, radiopaque composite restorative material.
• Indicated as a direct restorative for all cavity classes in anterior and posterior teeth, direct composite veneers, splinting and core build-ups.
• e-on is designed to be easy to place and sculpt, and it doesn’t stick to instruments.
• The shades are said to blend well with enamel for excellent final esthetics.

Benco Dental
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EVANESCE™ Nano-Enhanced Universal Restorative

• Designed to seamlessly blend into the tooth, resulting in margins that simply disappear.
• The material is said to produce truly amazing esthetics, and its simple technique often requires only a single shade in simple cases.
• EVANESCE is engineered to easily adapt during placement and manipulation, yet is absolutely slump-free.

Clinician’s Choice Dental Products – Available exclusively through Henry Schein Dental
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• A universal submicron hybrid composite featuring easy polishability, gloss retention, easy handling and exceptional blending properties.
• Its filler technology is engineered to provide an ideal combination of long-lasting esthetics, handling convenience and mechanical strength.
• BRILLIANT EverGlow is said to show an exceptionally smooth surface and satin shine directly after placing the filling, allowing highly esthetic restorations to be performed in minimal time.

330-916-8800  |



• A light-cured, self-etching, self-adhesive, radiopaque flowable restorative composite.
• Indicated for a diverse set of clinical indications, from restorations and under-fillings to pit and fissure sealing.
• Constic is said to offer etching, bonding and filling in a single step, helping to reduce errors and save time.
• When compared to other self-adhesive flowable composites, Constic is said to provide one of the strongest bonds to tooth structure.

DMG America
800-662-6383  |

TPH Spectra® ST Universal Composite Restorative

• A composite material that’s said to have an excellent chameleon effect that helps dentists more accurately match tooth shade, addressing variables such as extrinsic staining, lighting and shade availability.
• Made with SphereTEC™ filler technology.
• The material is designed to be easy to handle, enable faster finishing and polish to an excellent, stain-resistant luster.

Dentsply Sirona
844-848-0137   |

Ti-Core Flow+

• Features the superior qualities of both a core build-up material and luting cement to provide a highly versatile, economical, multi-use composite.
• The material is said to have increased radiopacity and easier flowability.
• Ti-Core Flow+ reinforced core materials are said to be the only patented titanium and lanthanide reinforced composite material that matches the strength of dentin.

Essential Dental Systems
800-223-5394 |


G-ænial Sculpt®

• Features a unique surface treatment of nano-inorganic fillers and high-density, uniformly dispersed barium glass particles.
• This technology is said to provide unsurpassed levels of wear resistance and low shrinkage stress combined with a self-polishing effect.
• It can be used in Class I-V restorations without slumping or sticking to instruments.

GC America
800-323-7063  |

Natural Elegance® Flowable Composite and Nano Hybrid Flowable Composite

• Both designed for use in Class III and Class V composites.
• Natural Elegance® Flowable Composite is a light-cure, low viscosity composite that features a 64% filled formulation.
• Natural Elegance® Nano Hybrid Flowable Composite features low viscosity and is said to be easy to place and finish.

Henry Schein
800-DSCHEIN  |

Reflectys Composite

• A universal anterior and posterior nanohybrid light-cured composite material.
• The material is said to have a polishing capacity superior than usual composites and the esthetic results after polishing are guaranteed.
• Reflectys contains a nanoparticle-enriched formula that’s designed to give the composite outstanding mechanical resistance for lasting restorations.

516-246-2743  |



Tetric® Evo line of composites

• The Tetric Evo line consists of four composites: Tetric EvoCeram®, Tetric EvoFlow®, Tetric EvoCeram® Bulk Fill and Tetric EvoFlow® Bulk Fill.
• Individually and in combination, these composites are said to offer the opportunity to handpick the best combinable solutions for clinicians’ direct restorative needs.
• All four are designed to afford high esthetics, extended working time, a single 10-second curing cycle and high radiopacity for a highly predictable placement.

Ivoclar Vivadent
800-533-6825  |


• This new light-cure, universal flowable composite is designed to be used for all direct restorations for all cavity classes.
• It’s said to be exceptionally easy to polish by wiping the cured resin with an ethanol-soaked gauze or cotton roll.
• Engineered to contain special submicron fillers that are treated with a proprietary silane coupling agent, giving the product superior mechanical properties.

Kuraray America
800-423-9762  |


• Said to be the first esthetic bioactive composite with an ionic resin matrix, a shock-absorbing resin component, and bioactive fillers that mimic the physical and chemical properties of natural teeth.
• The dual-cure composite is designed to be used for all classes of restorations, including bulk filling.
• It’s said to contain a patented rubberized resin that absorbs shock and stress and resists fracture and chipping, eliminating the brittleness found in traditional materials.

800-343-4342  |


Beautifil II LS

• A bioactive composite indicated for all cavity classes (I-V).
• The composite is said to provide general practitioners with the means to reduce volumetric shrinkage and shrinkage stress while creating predictable and functional esthetics.
• Incorporates Shofu’s proprietary Giomer technology, which is clinically proven in 8- and 13-year recall studies to release and recharge fluoride to help inhibit plaque formation and establish a stable pH in the oral environment.

Shofu Dental Corporation
800-827-4638  |

Estelite Bulk Fill Flow

• The material is said to require no additional composites for outstanding esthetics and strength, offering faster and simpler single-increment restorations up to 4 mm.  
• Utilizing Estelite Spherical Filler technology, the composite is designed to provide more natural looking bulk fill restorations via higher shade matching ability, opacity and polishability than other products.
• Features 52 percent higher compressive strength than the leading flowable bulk fill and high flexural strength.

Tokuyama Dental America
877-378-3548  |

Mosaic™ Universal Composite

• Mosaic’s well-balanced nanohybrid formula is designed to produce restorations of the highest quality.
• Its smooth, pliable consistency is said to allow for total control, and once the material is shaped, it won’t flow or slump out of place.
• Mosaic is said to provide predictable shade matching, as it was designed to emulate the same levels of translucency and opacity seen in natural dentition.

800-552-5512  |



• Designed for the extraoral fabrication of fixed and removable restorations.
• These light-curing, microparticle veneering composites are said to be easy to use, cost effective, and yield natural, esthetic results.
• The composite is engineered to mimic the reproduction of the fluorescence and opalescence of natural teeth, creating an esthetic restoration that’s virtually indistinguishable from those of ceramics.

VITA North America
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3M™ Filtek™ One Bulk Fill Restorative

• A simple one-step placement restorative material designed for the posterior.
• Its unique optical properties and increased opacity are said to allow for the simplicity of one-step placement without compromising esthetic results.
• With excellent adaptation and handling, it’s designed to be placed in one fast, easy increment up to 5 mm with no need for layering or expensive dispensing devices.

800-634-2249  |


• A light-cured bulk fill restorative composite optimized for simpler and faster posterior restorations.
• Designed to combine appropriate handling, depth of cure and polishability, allowing clinicians to provide patients with functional and esthetic composites.
• With its HD Filler Technology, REVEAL HD Bulk is said to allow for layering increments in 5-6 mm due to its predictable depth of cure.

800-247-3368  |

Encore® D/C

• A dual-cure, core buildup composite that’s designed to let clinicians build up just the coronal core or fabricate a composite post and core that bonds the post, tooth and core together.
• The dual-cure formula is said to speed up procedures and ensure a complete cure of all materials, regardless of depth or placement of the final restoration.
• Designed to ensure optimal comfort for sensitive patients, the material is available in a MiniMix® unit-dose delivery that eliminates waste.

Centrix Inc.
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