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Chicago Midwinter Meeting: What to see in the Windy City — Part 1


From Feb. 25-27, the DPR editorial team, as well as countless other dental professionals, will visit the Windy City for the best in hands-on learning, lectures and commercial exhibits.

From Feb. 25-27, the DPR editorial team, as well as countless other dental professionals, will visit the Windy City for the best in hands-on learning, lectures and commercial exhibits.

Chicago Midwinter text

With a host of new product launches, industry events and much more, the 151st Chicago Midwinter Meeting promises to keep all us on our toes. To help you sort it all out, we've put together this handy guide of must-see products to check out if you're hitting the showroom floor at McCormick Place West. If you can't be there, be sure to check dentalproductsreport.com during the event for real-time updates and news from the show! 

Click through our slidewshow to see the first 14 products you shouldn't miss at the meeting!





Bio/Screen (Booth #4319)

AdDent introduced Bio/Screen, a new and improved oral cancer biofluorescence screening device. This device can be used in full room light due to its reportedly exceptionally powerful shortwave LEDs. The Bio/Screen is lightweight and said to be ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. Special optical filters are designed improve contrast between healthy and abnormal tissue to improve visualization of potential problems at an early stage where treatment is most successful.  

AdDent  |  855-211-3413  |  addent.com





ProVecta S-Pan Ceph (Booth#1225)

The ProVecta S-Pan Ceph cephalometric X-ray is said to scan in 4.1 seconds. It reportedly has excellent image quality while keeping low radiation dose for children. There is said to be no need for sensor changes because two high-end CsI sensors are integrated within the system. There are 17 panoramic programs plus five programs for cephalometric X-ray recordings: lateral head L, PA head, SMV (submentovertex), waters view and hand.

Air Techniques  |  516-433-7676  |  airtechniques.com






Optima (Booth #1001)

Bien-Air USA, Inc. announced the launch of the Optima, a reportedly ingenious system designed to boost performance and efficiency for the most common dental procedures. Composed of a tabletop control unit and Bien-Air’s best-selling MCX brushless micromotor, the Optima is said to give dental professionals the option to upgrade their units with the latest electric-driven technology at the most affordable cost.

Bien-Air USA, Inc.  |  800-433-2436  |  bienair.com





DiaComp Feather Lite (Booth #2602)

The DiaComp Feather Lite is a simple, two-step diamond-impregnated polishing system that is said to provide consistent and reliable results when polishing any type of composite material. The highly efficient DiaComp Feather Lite reportedly  is extremely versatile and works well on any tooth surface, including all types of classic restorative composite materials, as well as new hybrid composites.

Brasseler USA  |  912-925-8525  |  brasselerusa.com





Sheer White!® In-Office Teeth Whitening Strips (Booth #2719)

The CAO Group has launched Sheer White!® In-Office Teeth Whitening Strips, the world’s first in-office teeth whitening strips with one-minute chairtime, with its exclusive distribution partner, Henry Schein, Inc. Sheer White In-Office Teeth Whitening Strips are said to be uniquely designed with CAO’s Comfort Fit Technology™ and require no soft tissue retraction or isolation. The dental professional simply applies the strips to the patient and then sends patient on their way to wear for 30 minutes.

The CAO Group, Inc.  |  877-877-9778  |  caogroup.com





iStar (Booth #1805)

DentalEZ® introduced the StarDental® iStar cordless prophy handpiece. Designed to make dental hygiene procedures fast and easy, the iStar is said to be the first true cordless prophy handpiece that allows full freedom of movement and freedom for each dental professional to choose his or her preferred disposable angle.

DentalEZ  |  866-383-4636  |  dentalez.com





WaveOne Gold (Booth #2202, 2402)

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties announced an advancement to its popular WaveOne reciprocating file. WaveOne Gold incorporates the metallurgical advancements of gold wire and reportedly builds on the success of the original WaveOne® reciprocating file technique taught in leading universities. WaveOne Gold replaces the original WaveOne product line and is said to be a comprehensive system-based approach to endodontics that includes matching absorbent points, precision machined gutta-percha points, gutta-percha core obturators and size verifiers.

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties  |  800-662-1202  |  dentsply.com





SalivaMAX (Booth #1736)

Forward Science, developers of OralID, proudly announced the FDA clearance of its latest product, SalivaMAX. SalivaMAX is a pharmaceutical-strength rinse indicated for the relief of dry mouth, xerostomia and mucositis provided in powder form in single-use packets. When mixed with water, SalivaMAX forms a supersaturated calcium phosphate solution, which reportedly has been clinically proven to provide relief of dry mouth symptoms.

Forward Science LLC  |  855-696-7254  |  forwardscience.com





Maxcem Elite Chroma (Booth #1600)

Kerr Restoratives announced the launch of Maxcem Elite Chroma, the first self-etch/ self-adhesive resin cement offering a color cleanup indicator, reportedly making it the smartest cement available on the market today. The Smart Cement™ begins with a pink color that fades at the gel state, telling the clinician the optimal time to cleanup excess cement.

Kerr Restoratives  |  800-KERR123  |  kerrdental.com





PF2 mouthguard (Booth #4011)

Keystone Industries has officially launched the latest hit to its Pro-Form Mouthguard line: the PF2 mouthguard. Unlike laminated mouthguard products that require a dentist to custom fit to the patient, the PF2 mouthguard is a do-it-yourself guard said to give the best custom fit possible without taking impressions of the teeth.

Keystone Industries  |  800-333-3131  |  keystoneindustries.com





MacPractice DDS for El Capitan (Booth #1340)

There’s only one Apple, and MacPractice DDS for El Capitan is said to be certified, best-of-class practice management and clinical software for dentists who prefer Apple technology. MacPractice reportedly is both complete and comprehensive with features like ePrescribing, including controlled substances, advanced charting, digital imaging, AES encryption (the health industry standard), integrated reputation marketing, secure messaging, network fax, online patient services and so much more. With MacPractice’s Check-In App, patients can sign at your front desk on an iPad and then enter their own information into MacPractice Clipboard App. MacPractice is designed to make it simple and easy for dentists to be paperless, filmless and ready for the future.

MacPractice  |  402-420-2430  |  macpractice.com




Eaglesoft 18 (Booth #1425, 1827)

Said to be the industry’s most intuitive practice management software, Eaglesoft by Patterson Dental reportedly puts the power in your hands. New features designed to enhance your practice and simplify your daily routine include EMV-capable credit card processing with fraud-reducing technology and insurance payments made with credit cards through X-Charge. Eaglesoft 18 reportedly allows for sorting and searching by cell phone and employer group number, Social Security number masking, exporting and importing of fee schedules, Sidexis integration and additional processing options for Schick 33 images plus all of the benefits of Eaglesoft Mobile.

Patterson Dental  |  800-475-5036   |  eaglesoft.com




Transcendental treatment centers (Booth #2025)

Sirona Dental, Inc. introduced its premier line of transcendental treatment centers to the United States. They are said to be the quintessential fit for clinicians looking to optimize and enhance their practice capabilities with top-of-the-line equipment. Smartly engineered to embody a look of elegance and unmatched functionality, transcendental treatment centers reportedly stand as the showpiece of any operatory.

Sirona Dental Inc.  |  800-659-5977  |  sirona.com





Solutionreach (Booth #5029)

Once said to be the pioneer for text and email patient messaging, Solutionreach is now a full platform of patient engagement and communication solutions for dental practices. Reportedly utilizing the latest text, email, voice, video, web and social media tools, Solutionreach is designed to equip dental providers with high tech solutions without sacrificing personalization.

Solutionreach  |  866-605-6867  |  solutionreach.com

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