Checklist: 5 Ways Parkell’s Predicta® Bioactive Cement Does More for Your Restorations

[SPONSORED] This free checklist explains the benefits of the newest bioactive cement from Parkell.

Placing indirect restorations should be one of the most satisfying appointments for clinician and patient. The patient is regaining esthetic and functional dentition, and when everything goes right with planning and fabricating the crown or bridge, the restoration glides into place, making for a quick, successful appointment.

Of course, delivering that restoration with ideal fit and a beautiful shade match will only make you and your patient feel good while it is in place and functional atop healthy tissue.

Unfortunately, not every restoration lasts as long as expected, and there remain numerous reasons indirect restorations fail. Some failures are due to actions by the patient and nothing can be done to avoid them. Other common causes of restoration failure can be minimized or eliminated with decisions made in the operatory, such as the way the tooth is prepped, the material used for the crown, and the choice of luting material and technique.

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