CDA Presents Filled with Innovative Products, Great Education


Annual conference in Anaheim showcased hundreds of new and existing dental products, while also including top-notch courses for attendees.

Photos by Stan Goff

Photos by Stan Goff

With over 200 continuing education courses and more than 400 exhibitors, CDA Presents had plenty to offer its attendees at the Anaheim Convention Center, May 18-20. Here’s a look at just some of the many highlights.

QuickConnect Anatomy Band

The QuickConnect Anatomy Band made its trade show debut at the Rhondium booth. The circumferential matrix band can be swiftly placed using a specialized carrier that can be positioned for placement in any quadrant and allows for efficient tightening. Team members from Rhondium

The QuickConnect Anatomy Band from Rhondium.

Team members from Rhondium demonstrated the nifty system at their booth at the CDA in Anaheim.

demonstrated the nifty system at the booth. Made of hard, contoured foil and just 35 microns thick, the matrix bands are designed to replicate the contours of the natural dentition and retain their shape while pushing through tight contacts.

It also helps solve the problem of loose contacts due to matrices not maintaining optimal contact with the adjacent tooth.

Natural Remineralizing Toothpastes

Peter Eisenhuth, whose wife is a dentist and engineer, manned the Dr. Jen Natural booth at CDA, where the company launched its latest Super Paste, which features double the cavity protection by using both fluoride and nano-hydroxyapatite. Designed for patients with weak enamel, sensitive teeth or those seeking extra protection against cavities, the new paste can be purchased online at or wholesale to dentists.

With science to back it up, Eisenhuth said Dr. Jen’s toothpastes and flosses offer something for all patients looking for optimal oral care at home. The company’s pastes include naturally flavored cool mist and strawberry versions and even some without fluoride for those patients who have asked for non-fluoride products.

BFC3™ Powered Impression Gun

The new powered impression gun from Ultradent was on display at the company’s booth at CDA. The BFC3 impression gun—Ultradent’s first cordless, handheld impression gun—is designed specifically to express dental impression material in an efficient and precise way. It is compatible with 25 ml, 50 ml, and 75 ml 1:1 or 2:1 automix cartridges and can dispense up to 60 full 50 ml heavy body VPS cartridges on a fully charged battery. Combining this compatibility with BFC3’s anti-drip feature, which momentarily reverses the plunger to prevent waste when dispensing, this impression gun is designed with convenience in mind.

Crowds at the booth last week were also learning about the company’s Transcend™, a new universal composite designed with high levels of translucency to allow clinicians to achieve esthetic results that patients desire from their restorative work. The material uses Ultradent’s Resin Particle Match™ technology to ensure those high levels of translucency which in turn lead to ideal pigmentation and opacity.

Owandy Radiology

Owandy Radiology General Manager Boris Loyez showed staff members from Dental Products Reportâsome of the features of the company’s newest CBCT unit, the I-Max 3D Pro.

The unit has 2D, 3D, and CAD/CAM capabilities, and boasts exceptional performance and a smaller size. He describes the new CBCT unit as the lightest, most compact, wall-mounted unit on the market. Loyez says the I-Max 3D Pro is designed for any budget or office size and will deliver a quick ROI to clinicians.

Boris Loyez talks about the features of the company’s newest CBCT unit, the I-Max 3D Pro.

Boris Loyez talks about the features of the company’s newest CBCT unit, the I-Max 3D Pro.

It features a new generation CMOS sensor, a high resolution of 7272 μ Voxels for 3D HD volumes, an optional integrated artificial intelligence for ceph analysis, and the reduction of metal artifacts via Owandy’s AutoMAR and sensor geometric correction.

Trained Virtual Assistant

IVE Dental, part of GOBRO Web Services, demonstrated its trained virtual assistant on the tradeshow floor. The company provides well-trained, full-time virtual dental assistants who can take care of administrative duties like processing billing and coding, following up on insurance claims, and managing appointments.

IVE Dental, part of GOBRO Web Services, demonstrated its trained virtual assistant on the tradeshow floor.

IVE Dental's trained virtual assistant on the tradeshow floor at the CDA.

With both a mobile, robot model and a table top robot tablet version, the virtual assistant provides a “cool factor to dental offices” and is designed help get things done and save on overhead costs. Additional benefits include not needing to have to deal with turnover issues or employee taxes, according to IVE Dental.

This is just a quick look at the many innovative products on display at CDA and as always, CDA Presents included courses from experts on a wide variety of topics.

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