CDA Launches the Dentists Service Company to Support Members

The Dentists Service Company, the CDA’s newest subsidiary, has launched in an effort to provide practice management outreach to dentists. Thanks in part to the CDA’s many members, TDSC is the answer to the base’s interest in assistance with issues related to business. Continue below to learn how TDSC can help your practice.

TDSC, a subsidiary of the CDA, aims to make its members more competitive in the market.

The California Dental Association (CDA) has launched its newest subsidiary, The Dentists Service Company (TDSC) to assist and support member dentists with practice management advising and other business-related issues. Formed in response to strong interest from members of the CDA, TDSC also helps member dentists with group purchasing, using the CDA’s large membership base to help obtain better pricing options for interested parties.

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A primary goal of TDSC is to help California dentists be more competitive in an ever-changing business environment, while still leaving all clinical and practice ownership decisions in the hands of individual practitioners. Advisors from TDSC are ready to help dentists ramp up their practice management skills by helping to create an action plan focused on specific practice goals. Dentists can receive recommendations in several areas of practice management, including advising, marketing and human resources. Dentists receive specific training and advice from subject matter experts in several key practice management areas, such as:

Practice operations





Marketing plans


Performance management




“We know our members are ready to utilize TDSC’s comprehensive practice management services,” James Stephens, D.D.S. and chair of TDSC’s board of directors, says. TDSC experts are ready to meet these practices and develop a deep understanding of each practice’s vision in order to tailor a plan that meets the practice’s specific goals — at a pace that’s right for them.”

Additionally, TDSC offers member dentists the opportunity to leverage group purchasing power through TDSC’s Marketplace. Dentists can save on more than 25,000 dental supplies purchased from many of the same vendors most dentists already use.

“The Marketplace allows practice owners to leverage the buying power of CDA’s large membership to attain better supply pricing. I encourage our members to check it out — the site is easy to navigate and the savings are listed on each item," Stephens says.

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