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The following handpiece roundup is not comprehensive but a look at several of the many handpieces available. Additional handpiece information can be found at

Editor's note: The following handpiece roundup is not comprehensive but a look at several of the many handpieces available. Additional handpiece information can be found at

Alegra 300 air high speeds

Tired of working with high speeds without light, risking patient injury by using single-port coolant and causing your patients hearing discomfort? Alegra 300 air high speeds are said to be the answer to these concerns among others. A patented, self-generating LED light is said to eliminate the need for costly changes to your existing delivery system. Simply connect the coupler and handpiece to any air tubing (four-hole, five-hole or six-pin), and you now have an LED-lit handpiece that reportedly has the same quality you’ve come to expect from any product bearing the A-dec/W&H brand.
A-dec, Inc.
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Dental Evolve series E-6510K air-driven high speed handpiece

The AG Neovo Dental Evolve series E-6510K air-driven high speed handpiece is designed to provide smoother, quality cutting for restorative treatment. With a built-in Enduro™ Chuck, a specially constructed chuck made from tungsten carbide welding with stainless steel, the E-6510K is said to deliver exceptional durability and unmatchable precision with retention forces up to 38N. It reportedly also features a lightweight and perfectly balanced ergonomic body in addition to superior power up to 23W for time efficiency and fatigue-free operations.

AG Neovo
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Star Dental® 430 Series LubeFree® handpieces

DentalEZ Integrated Solutions offers a variety of StarDental® 430 Series LubeFree® handpieces that are said to minimize the health risks often associated with residual lubricant expelling into the oral cavity and operatory environment and save time on maintenance. They are reportedly typically less expensive for a practice over a two-year period. A full line of 430 high speed handpieces is offered from StarDental Instrument Solutions, including the 430 Flex and 430 RA, available in both lubricated and LubeFree models.
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Profin Reciprocating System

The Profin Reciprocating System is said to be the instrument of choice for shaping, contouring and polishing natural dentition and cosmetic restorations with easy access and flexibility. It reportedly is the perfect instrument to remove bulk, interproximal and subgingival residual bonding materials in all parts of the dental arch. The system includes a choice of contra angles and the flat Lamineer diamond tips that move in a reciprocating axial direction (1.2 mm stroke).
Dentatus USA
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Midwest® Stylus™ ATC Handpiece

The Midwest® Stylus™ ATC Handpiece is said to be a real change in handpiece technology and the cutting experience. The high speed air-driven Midwest® Stylus™ ATC has Speed-Sensing Intelligence (SSI) that reportedly automatically optimizes power without you having to monitor and make frequent adjustments. The Superior Turbine Suspension (STS) is designed to minimize bur deflection even at 330,000 RPM under load for precision and control. A sensor in the coupler is said to pick up the frequency of vibrations caused by the speed of the rotating bur.
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Maxima XTEND™ Maintenance Machine


Henry Schein’s Private Brand team has been working on developing a handpiece maintenance machine and a powerful yet quiet high speed handpiece line that incorporates all the features one would expect in an elite handpiece. The Maxima XTEND™ Maintenance Machine features a built-in e-type motor that turns gears on electric attachments for reportedly optimal cleaning and lubrication of all moving parts and an autochuck maintenance station said to provide complete handpiece care and maintenance.

Henry Schein
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Gemini high speed handpieces

Johnson-Promident Gemini high speed handpieces are said to allow users to experience the same design, performance and user feel of their favorite brands for about half the price. The handpieces are designed to fit the coupling systems of the originals and offer complete interchangeability with the original handpieces, turbines and component parts. Johnson-Promident Gemini handpieces are available with and without fiber optics and come with a one-year warranty protection.  
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MASTERmatic Series premium electric handpieces

KaVo’s MASTERmatic Series premium electric handpieces are said to combine a triple-gear system and patented angle combination to provide dental professionals with the confidence they’ve come to expect from KaVo electrics. The MASTERmatic collection now offers a 20 percent smaller head size reportedly with the same exceptional power and low vibration operation. Combined with the head angle of 100˚ and the knee angle of 19˚, similar to the MASTERtorque M8900 L dental high speed handpiece, clinicians reportedly can experience better access with optimum space and freedom of work. New to KaVo’s electric attachment portfolio is the MASTERmatic M05 L Mini high speed handpiece, featuring a 43 percent smaller head for standard length and short shank burs.
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UltraLite™ CX high speed handpieces

Lares® Research UltraLite™ CX high speed handpieces boast advanced ceramic bearings for reduced maintenance and long bearing life. They are available in compact (557 model) or full-size (757 model) heads and with MULTIflex-compatible 360° swivel, five-hole fiber optic or four-hole backend connections. All Lares high speeds reportedly feature push-button bur changing, high cutting power, quiet operation and feather-light weight. Lares’ distribution system is said to allow dentists to purchase high speeds of exceptional quality factory direct at fantastic savings relative to the leading competitors.   
Lares Research
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Ti-Max Z series handpieces

Ti-Max Z series handpieces are said to operate at a remarkably low noise level with virtually no vibration, reportedly enhancing clinician concentration and patient comfort. In addition, the most noticeable feature to the clinician reportedly is the fact that the Ti-Max Z series features the smallest head and slimmest neck dimensions of any electric attachment handpiece, allowing outstanding operational visibility and better access for difficult-to-reach posterior preparations.
NSK Dental
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T65 Series self-illuminating LED high speed handpiece

The TEK USA T65 Series self-illuminating LED high-speed handpiece is said to be the latest in technology in illuminated handpieces. The TEK USA brand reportedly is superior to its similar-looking self-illuminated handpieces because of the company’s very high grade United States-made ceramic bearing turbine with a super-grip push-button autochuck, upgraded e-generator that produces very white bright illumination and six-port water spray for maximum water coolant.
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SANAO precision handpieces

The new line of SANAO precision handpieces from SciCan is said to offer innovation in every detail. The handpieces reportedly are perfectly balanced to reduce wrist strain, optimally miniaturized for maneuverability and optionally equipped with glass-rod fiber optics to illuminate the oral cavity. As debris can often lead to handpiece failure, SciCan filled the area where debris can collect, between the inner and outer sleeve, with its Hygiene Protection System resin.
SciCan, Inc.
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