Catapult Vote of Confidence Video Product Review – VOCO Retraction Paste

Catapult Education Speaker and Evaluator Ankur Gupta, DDS presents the results of the Catapult of Evaluation of VOCO Retraction Paste, where this new material was awarded the Catapult Vote of Confidence™.

Learn all about VOCO Retraction Paste and the material's properties that earned it a unanimous Catapult Vote of Confidence™. In this video Dental Products Report® Editorial Advisory Board member Ankur Gupta, DDS shares the reasons he and his colleagues at Catapult were so impressed with this product.

For more on VOCO Retraction Paste check out the full Catapult Evaluation here: Hemostasis and Retraction: Tackling This Age-Old Challenge Just Got a Whole Lot Easier