Carestream Validates Formlabs Form 3B 3D Printer for Use with CS Model+ Software

The Formlabs 3D printer can now be used with Carestream's orthodontic software for the production of models for use in fabricating clear aligners.

Adding to the options for practices using its CS Model+ v5 software, Carestream Dental announced that is has validated the Form 3B printer from Formlabs for use in the production of in-house clear aligners.

Described as a move that makes it easier and less expensive for patients to seek clear aligner treatment from their trusted dental professional, practices can now design aligner treatments in the Carestream software and then send the models to the Form 3B for 3D print production.

The full in-house clear aligner workflow begins with a digital impression. The CS Model+ software then uses artificial intelligence to guide clinicians through the process of designing the treatment plan and the necessary aligners. The software uses the digital impression to rank the case's degree of difficulty. Clinicians have full control of the treatment design process, and once the case is approved the printer files are sent directly to the Form 3B printer for model production.