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Carestream Dental launches two new products at Chicago Midwinter to simplify doctors' workflow


Carestream Dental announced today at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting the launch of its new intraoral scanner, the CS 3600.

Carestream Dental announced at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting the launch of its new intraoral scanner, the CS 3600*. This revolutionary scanner simplifies the scanning process with high-speed, continuous scanning; an Intelligent Matching System; autoclavable tips; and stunning high-definition full HD 3D images.

“Whether they handle restorative, orthodontic or implant-borne restorative cases, doctors want a scanner to simplify, not overly-complicate, their digital impression workflow,” Ed Shellard, DMD, vice president of sales and marketing, Carestream Dental, said. “The CS 3600 puts faster, easier, more open scanning in doctors’ hands.”   

The CS 3600’s unique continuous scanning capabilities significantly reduce the time it takes to acquire a scan. Users can scan in a smooth, uninterrupted manner without worrying about the impact of unsteady hands or fidgeting patients between successive views. Continuous scanning makes for more accurate digital impressions and faster, easier dual arch acquisition.

To make scanning even more efficient, the CS 3600 also features an Intelligent Matching System that allows users to freely fill in missing information for any area in the data set. Simply jump to any position in the mouth; there’s no need to indicate an exact location to the system or to follow a specific direction, as the scanner will “auto-locate” for the user.

Additionally, the broad 13 mm scanning range allows users to capture scans in a way that feels most natural to them. The scanner does not need to be kept at a fixed distance to produce optimal scans; whether hovering or briefly resting the scanner on a tooth, users can use whichever method they prefer without disrupting the flow or the image capture process. 

The CS 3600 also comes with two rounded, interchangeable tips in different orientations-normal and side-oriented-so users can capture scans in hard-to-reach areas while considering patient comfort. Both styles are autoclavable to support optimal sterilization for infection control and can be used up to 20 times.

No matter which tip is used, the scans captured by the CS 3600 are available as both 2D and full HD 3D color images. The HD 3D color feature offers superb image quality with more vivid color and texture that better reflect in-vivo anatomy. The stunning, highly-definition images provide also the precise detail needed for effective automatic or manual margin line identification. Such detailed images also aid in doctor/patient communication, case acceptance and working with referrals and labs.  

“During development, Carestream Dental engineers analyzed the technology doctors were looking for in a scanner,” Shellard said. “The result is the CS 3600, a completely new product that improves the scanning experience for the doctor and patient alike.”  

Of course, the CS 3600 includes many of the same features that made Carestream Dental’s previous generation of scanner, the CS 3500, so popular. The scanner features an onboard heater, yet is is lightweight and easy to carry from operatory to operatory. It produces open .STL and .PLY files that are easy to export to any open third-party design software or lab that accepts digital impressions. Plus, with no additional fees to scan or to send scans to a third party, users can enjoy complete scanning freedom, without penalty.

Also launching at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting is the CS 7200 imaging plate system, an ultra-compact system that delivers leading image quality. The slim design and the quiet scanning of the unit are ideal for chairside use.  

More on Carestream Dental: Solutionreach and Carestream announce partnership

“The system features a familiar film-like workflow, which paves the way for practices looking to transition to digital in a cost-effective manner,” Gil Orenstein, regional product manager, intraoral imaging, Carestream Dental, said. “Also, we’re seeing a new trend of practices using both digital sensors and plate systems to offer better patient comfort. There are times when unusual anatomy makes it difficult to place a sensor; that’s where the thin, flexible plates of the CS 7200 come in.”

The CS 7200 is an affordable solution with no compromise to image quality, offering true resolution of 17 lp/mm. New image processing delivers sharp, optimized contrast and low noise images. Pre-programmed anatomic filters, including endodontic, periodontic and dentin-enamel junction filters, enhance image contrast according to diagnostic needs with one click. 

*Work in progress – not available for sale pending medical device regulatory clearances and registrations

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