Carestream Dental Debuts Portable, Battery-free X-ray Generator

The new CS 2400P is a portable, battery-free x-ray generator that can be transferred between operatories and frees up wall space.

Carestream Dental has debuted the CS 2400P, a portable, battery-free x-ray generator. The CS 2400P is small enough to be handheld and its battery-free recharging system is designed to be fast and convenient.

The unit is said to be able to go from completely discharged to ready-to-go in less than 3 minutes thanks to its battery-free design. The CS 2400P is also able to capture multiple shots before needing to be recharged, which is said to only take seconds.

The CS 2400P’s exposure parameters are designed to be similar to those of a conventional generator (70 kv; 3,5 mA), so image quality is not sacrificed by the unit’s compact size or portability.

Its portability means it can be transferred between operatories and it frees up valuable space within the practice. For more information, visit