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Carestream Dental announces the CS 9600 CBCT system


The system is engineered to deliver exceptional image quality for more precise diagnoses.

The CS 9600 cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) system is reportedly a highly intelligent piece of technology designed with oral surgeons and implantologists in mind. Intuitive features are said to give the five-in-one system the capability to deliver exceptional image quality for more precise diagnoses while maintaining ease of use and patient comfort.

This advanced system is designed to combine 2D panoramic technology, CBCT imaging, 3D model/impression scanning1 and 3D facial scanning,2 along with optional cephalometric imaging,2 to meet every clinical need. Up to 14 fields of view, including FOVs ideal for examining the maxillofacial region, TMJ and the sinus, lets doctors see the whole picture from a single tooth to the tip of the nose. Three different editions of the CS 9600 - up to 12 cm by 10 cm FOV, up to 16 cm by 10 cm and up to 16 cm by 17 cm - ensure that the system covers all of an oral surgeons’ imaging needs from the routine, such as implant planning and third molar extraction, to the advanced, including trauma or orthognathic surgery.

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The key to the CS 9600’s exceptional image quality are smart features that are engineered to aid with patient positioning, which contribute to repeatability and lead “first-time-right” results. The SmartPad, an integrated touchscreen, is designed to walk users through the positioning process, provide pre-set programs to minimize the risk for errors, and let the operator check the images immediately after the scan using quality control tools. The CS 9600 is also reportedly the first unit that records the parameters for each patient examination, so the system can be primed and ready for each individual patient before he or she even enters the room for a follow-up exam.

“The way to capture high-quality images is to capture them correctly the first time, no matter who’s operating the system” says Ed Shellard, DMD, chief dental officer, Carestream Dental. “The CS 9600’s smart technology does this is by using cameras instead of laser beams to guide patient positioning and give the operator live feedback. For example, during a 3D exam a FOV target is superimposed on the patient’s face - which is displayed on the SmartPad - so users can visualize and adjust the position.”

SmartAuto technology aids positioning even further. SmartAuto Pan3 reportedly automatically calculates the correct exposure settings based on the patient’s jaw shape and size, while SmartAuto 3D3 is designed to let users precisely define the field of view position on a low-dose scout view. The system is so intuitive, it can reportedly even detect when the wrong accessory is inserted and recommend the appropriate one based on the procedure.

“My staff have to do fewer retakes with the CS 9600,” says Matthew Nichols, DDS.  “The cameras give them a picture of exactly the area they’re about to scan. If they’re still not sure, they can take a scout image to know exactly what they’re getting. It also aids with patient alignment.”

Once the image is captured, exclusive algorithms enhance the doctor’s diagnosis. CS MAR3 technology is engineered to reduce the scatter caused by metal artifacts, which can cause misinterpretation, and give doctors more confidence by being able to dynamically compare images with or without the filter applied.

The CS 9600 also addresses patient safety concerns and strictly adheres to the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle. It’s able to do so thanks to a 120 kV high power generator that reportedly allows clinicians to acquire images at a lower dose to the patient as compared to standard 90 kV acquisition while also enhancing image quality. In addition to patient safety, the CS 9600 has patient comfort covered, too. An integrated retractable seat3 allows patients to sit for added stability. The seat can also be rotated out of the way when not in use or to accommodate patients in wheelchairs.

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For added confidence when planning and placing implants, the CS 9600 is compatible with the Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning module, and the CS Airway module, CS Model software and CS Model+ software can also be integrated with the system to take diagnoses and treatment planning capabilities even further. The CS 9600 is also fully integrated with Carestream Dental’s CS WinOMS practice management software.

To protect doctors’ investment, Carestream Dental’s CS Advantage comprehensive service offering is available for the CS 9600. A new option currently exclusive to the CS 9600, CS UpStream, continuously screens the system, monitoring its historical behavior to prevent downtime and maximize system availability. CS Advantage members also get extended warranty coverage, software updates, training and support to ensure the best ownership experience.

To learn more about Carestream Dental’s innovative technology, call 800-944-6365 or visit carestreamdental.com.


1. Work in progress, not available for sale
2. Option: work in progress, not available for sale
3. Option

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