Carbon Launches Gen 2 Aligner Model Solution


This new aligner model solution is said to reduce waste while still boosting throughput, offering customers the ability to overcome previous hurdles with aligner printing.

Carbon Launches Gen 2 Aligner Model Solution | Image Credit: © Carbon

Carbon Launches Gen 2 Aligner Model Solution

3D printing company Carbon has announced a new aligner production solution to reduce cost per part. The Carbon® Gen 2 aligner solution is comprised of the Carbon L1 printer, solventless spin cleaning solution, and API-based software that automates the hollowing, nesting, and batching of models to be printed, according to a press release from carbon.

The automated hollowing software is said to increase part throughput of up to 65% when paired with the new UMA 20 resin from Carbon, per Carbon testing, and saves resin per part. With the solvent-free model, waste from cleaning is eliminated.

This new model solution integrates into Carbon’s existing clear aligner workflow and, with the new key feature of automated hollowing, gives Carbon customers the ability to reduce material consumption while still increasing input.

“Working with the top clear aligner companies has given us insight into the barrier this industry faces on a daily basis. We heard from customers, and we took action to create efficiencies and cost savings in the clear aligner workflow,” Terri Capriolo, Senior Vice President, Oral Health at Carbon, says in the press release. “This new aligner workflow is designed to enable Carbon customers to reduce cost per part while simultaneously improving model throughput with a more sustainable production process.”

This new solution is expected to be available for customers in the second half of 2023.

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