CAO Group Announces ClearVue LED Bulb Update

The ClearVue LED bulb update from the CAO Group will offer practices both time and energy efficiency.

The CAO Group has announced an upgrade for its ClearVue LED bulb. Because light fixtures attached to dental chairs use halogen bulbs. These halogen bulbs are not energy efficient and have relatively short lifetimes when used every day. LED lights, which consume less energy and have a longer lifetime. ClearVue is said to eliminate the hassle of changing the dental chair’s entire light fixture by plugging the LED bulb into existing sockets.

The ClearVue LED bulb has a 15,000 lumen light output, 5000k color temperature, and a 5-year warranty. A variety of industry standard of chairs, including A-Dec, Pelton Crane, and Midmark, among others, can be retrofitted with ClearVue.

ClearVue LED is said to offer a longer lifespan and cost savings for practices.

"ClearVue LED bulb technology converts halogen light to LED light in the dental chair just like LED light bulbs in the consumer market, removing halogen bulb and plugging in LED bulb. It enables dental practitioners to enjoy the LED benefits instantly, with a high quality light source, lower heat, and lower energy consumption, and the most importance –low cost," Densen Cao, PhD, CEO and Founder of CAO, said in a press release from the company. "ClearVue LED bulb is an advance for LED light sources that we invented 20 years ago and are now widely adopted in general lighting in the consumer and industrial market."