Candid Partners with Dental Group Purchasing Organization Sevāredent

Through this new partnership, Candid will be able to offer its clear aligner solution through dental group purchasing company Sevāredent.

Candid has announced that it will be partnering with dental group purchasing organization (GPO) Sevāredent. Sevāredent focuses on supplying dental and orthodontic practices, particularly serving dental service organizations (DSOs). This partnership was created to expand Candid’s reach as well as offer Sevāredent a clear aligner product to its practices.

This comes after Candid’s shift from direct-to-consumer model to a fully practice-focused model. Sevāredent hopes to better serve its GPO members through this partnership, according to Sevāredent President Blake Hibray.

“As part of our ongoing effort to help bring new innovative technologies and supply chain value to our GPO members, we believe Candid will help increase patient access to top-tier orthodontic treatment while equipping our clinical partners with the latest in clear aligner technology,” Hibray said in a press release from Candid.

Candid hopes to expand offerings nationwide through this partnership and hopes to highlight the benefits of its clear aligner system, according to Candid CEO and Co-founder Nick Greenfield.

“Partnering with Sevāredent is a huge win for both of our organizations,” Greenfield said in the press release. “We’re glad to see major players like Sevāredent recognize the value we can bring to their members, and we look forward to doing great things together.”