California Dentist Pleads Guilty After Arrest for Cross-Country Marijuana Shipment

A San Francisco dentist allegedly took over his son's marijuana distribution business.

San Francisco dentist Jerome Weitz, DDS pleaded guilty this week to shipping up to 30 pounds of marijuana monthly to New York City.


Weitz, 63, ran Mission Dental Health in San Francisco, CA.


Weitz was believed to have taken over the pot operation for his son, Joshua Weitz, who was arrested and pleaded guilty for second-degree criminal sale of marijuana and is currently serving a year-long sentence at Riker’s Island.


Prosecutors say the elder Weitz was making nearly $100,000 each month trafficking the drugs to New York.


Police arrested Weitz last October after seizing 11 vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana and cash in Yonkers, NY.


According to a report from the New York Daily News, the dentist’s drug operation allegedly involved stashing large amounts of his supply at staff lockers at the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Lincoln Houses.


In promotional videos on his website, Weitz gave dental tips to pot patients. He claimed pot users face special dental issues and recommended they get extra exams. 


“We are encouraging cannabis users and smokers and those who do it together to see the dentist more often, because they’re more likely to have improved periodontal health if they do,” Weitz said in a YouTube video.


Weitz is expected to receive three years’ probation when he’s sentenced in Manhattan Supreme Court next month.