CAD/CAM Software options streamline workflows, saving time and money


CAD/CAM software opens new doors for labs of all sizes.

CAD/CAM software opens new doors for labs of all sizes.

CAD/CAM software options streamline workflows, saving time and money

These software options allow labs to bring many functions in-house, streamlining workflows and saving time and money. They also enable closer collaboration among technicians and dentists.

We've assembled nine CAD/CAM software products with various capabilities. We hope this list helps you find one that keeps your lab runnning smoothly. 


3Shape Dental System



3Shape Dental System™

3Shape’s Dental System™ reportedly brings together 3D scanning, CAD modeling and the widest range of indications, restorative component libraries and third-party device integrations all driven by clear intuitive workflows and seamless digital communications in an easy-to-use software solution for dental professionals. 

3Shape  |  908-867-0144  |


Ceramill Mind software



Ceramill Mind design software

The Ceramill Mind design software, developed by Amann Girrbach in close collaboration with dental technicians, reportedly meets all expectations. Said to be perfectly coordinated with the Ceramill scanners, the software is designed to integrate seamlessly into the architecture of the Ceramill system and reportedly impresses due to its ease of operation, process reliability and precision.

Amann Girrbach  |  704-837-1404  |


Millbox software




MillBox is the new dental CAM solution from CIMsystem developed for milling any variation of CAD/CAM material. Reportedly innovating CAM with its guided workflow and technician-friendly user interface, MillBox is said to simplify the nesting process and expedite toolpath creation so lab technicians can focus on more important tasks. With little to no manual steps needed in the nesting process, new users reportedly are able to get operational immediately.

"CIMsystem software is our first consideration when choosing CAM products. The software calculations have been consistently accurate, and the software is easy to learn and implement into your laboratory. Support is there if needed to ensure your laboratory is up and running." - Tim Tyndall, CDT, DDS4D Dental Laboratories

CIMsystem  |  502-893-4546  |






DWOS CAD is said to cover a complete range of dental indications, such as crowns, implant bars and bridges, full and partial dentures, custom abutments, onlays, veneers and more. Furthermore, DWOS CAD is modular and reportedly can be expanded to new indications to meet the evolving needs of the dental laboratory. DWOS is integrated with Dental Wings coDiagnostiX™guided surgery software through DWOS Synergy. It reportedly allows labs to collaborate in real-time with their implant-placing and restoring dentist customers through DWOS Synergy to presurgically design and manufacture custom healing abutments, provisionals and surgical drill guides.

Dental Wings  |  888-856-6997  |


Unique CAM



Unique CAM

Unique CAM is built exclusively for dental applications. It is said to be an open-architecture, efficient, user-friendly CAM software for four- and five-axis milling machines. It was specifically developed for different five-axis milling paths to accurately mill simple crowns, bridges, abutments/telescopes and implant bridges. Unique CAM software features special milling strategies said to produce extremely smooth surfaces, reportedly increasing productivity and reducing hand-finishing time. Supporting of multiple computers also is said to reduce calculation time.  

“I purchased the Roland DWX-50 milling machine with Unique CAM from ETI Digital Technology. I was very pleased with the service I received. The Unique CAM software was so easy to install and learn that we were up and running within a few hours!” - Robert Corwin, owner, Professional Dental Ceramics

ETI Digital Technology  |  800-451-7778  |


Ivoclar digital press design



Digital Press Design

The Digital Press Design software is specially designed to further increase the efficiency of IPS e.max Press Multi. It is said to combine the benefits of the press technique with those offered by CAD/CAM technology to ensure a smooth workflow for heightened efficiency and productivity in the press technique.

“DPD is an exclusive and innovative solution from Ivoclar Vivadent that works in conjunction with the 3Shape software. This gives the 'pressing' labs the capability to enter the CAD/CAM world without jeopardizing their existing pressing workflow.” - Mitch D. Jula, director of training, education and technology for Wieland Precision Technology™, a company of The Ivoclar Vivadent Group

Ivoclar Vivadent  |  800-533-6825  |


Preciso CAD



Preciso CAD

Jensen’s Preciso CAD software is said to make adapting your workflow from traditional to digital easier than ever. Design restorations with this reportedly robust, reliable and forgiving software that is easy to learn with an intuitive workflow. Preciso CAD software is capable of open STL input and output and powered by exocad software. It allows for the design of full-contour and framework restorations for single units and bridges for milling a variety of materials, including Jensen Imagine™ and XT Zirconia, Lava™ Plus High Translucency Zirconia, Lava™ Ultimate Restorative and Jensen Wax and PMMA.

Jensen Dental  |  800-243-2000 |


Millbox Roland edition



MillBox Roland Edition

Roland DGA’s new DWX-4W Wet Dental Mill comes with reportedly powerful open-architecture MillBox Roland Edition CAM software that is said to accept all STL file types and support the milling of relevant materials. This advanced software features a reportedly user-friendly interface and simple workflow said to promote a short learning curve. It also includes automatic crown placement options designed to help maximize efficiency and predefined milling procedures for direct software-to-mill functionality without interruption during tool path calculation.

Roland DGA  |  949-727-2100  |


inlab software 15



inLab® Software 15

Sirona’s inLab® Software 15 reportedly provides unprecedented freedom of design and materials whether you are creating single restorations, removable partial frameworks or screw-retained bridges and bars. Combining all steps in the restorative production process, it is now said to be possible to design and mill implant surgical guides and screw-retained bridges with or without soft tissue. All implant cases that can be designed with the new software can be milled from disks on the inLab® MC X5, a meso block or through infiniDent.

Sirona  |  800-659-5977  |

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