BURST Oral Care introduces rose gold Sonic Toothbrush set

The limited edition set includes the toothbrush, toothbrush head, USB charger and travel case.

BURST Oral Care, co-founded in August 2017 by Hamish Khayat and Brittany Stewart, has reportedly revolutionized the $40 billion oral care industry by providing consumers with high-quality dental products at an accessible price through its direct ship subscription business model.

“Our newest colorway is an exciting addition to BURST’s line of products that meet the highest clinical standards while featuring a sleek design and industry leading technology,” Stewart says.

The limited edition rose gold Sonic Toothbrush Set is available for purchase at www.burstoralcare.com for $99.99. This deluxe set includes the toothbrush, toothbrush head, USB charger and travel case. The rose gold Sonic Toothbrush is said to deliver the same high-quality consumers have come to expect from the brand whose brushes run at industry-leading 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, have binchōtan charcoal-coated bristles sourced from Wakayama, Japan, and a long-lasting battery life, with a one-hour charge lasting up to four weeks.

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The BURST Sonic Toothbrush is also available in black and white for $69.99. Consumers can also purchase the brand’s Coconut Whitening Strips and Wonderfully Whitening Toothpaste. Together, BURST’s products are reportedly the perfect all-encompassing routine for whiter, brighter and healthier teeth.

  • Coconut Whitening Strips, which use coconut oil to reduce sensitivity while achieving professional grade results, are available at a subscription rate of $14.99, which includes packs delivered every three months as well as a one-time purchase option for $19.99.

  • The Wonderfully Whitening Toothpaste is available at a subscription rate of $6.99 or one-time purchase for $9.99.

In its inaugural year, BURST amassed more than 110,000 subscribers at a nearly 90 percent retention rate directly contributing to the brand's first-year growth. The company has built a loyal BURST Ambassador network comprised of more than 9,000 dental professionals who sell directly to consumers. With a new wave of thinking and unique business model, Khayat and Stewart have made a commitment to empower the thousands of dental professionals who work with the brand.

“The network of dentists and hygienists are deeply involved in developing BURSTs range of products,” says Khayat, who was recently named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list as one to watch.  “We work very closely together not only on the product design but also in their communities around the country as their work with BURST provides them with an auxiliary income.”

BURST’s network of dental professionals, who are 98 percent female, have earned more than $1 million through the brand in the past year for their promotion and recommendation of the product.