BURST Oral Care Announces Launch of Teeth Whitening Trays

New Teeth Whitening Trays from BURST offer professional-grade results for all patients, utilizing the expertise and design help of dental professionals.

BURST Oral Care has announced its new Teeth Whitening Trays to add to its line of at-home oral care products. Made up of 12.5% hydrogen peroxide, potassium hydroxide, and xylitol, these custom-fit trays are designed for safe and effective teeth whitening, according to a press release from BURST.

The trays are designed to be vegan as well as cruelty-free, containing no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, allergens, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. They are said to show professional-grade results after a single 15-minute treatment and the subsequent 7-day course, according to BURST Co-founder and President Brittany Stewart.

“At BURST, we know the difference a bright smile can make for one’s confidence. With our new Teeth Whitening Trays, we wanted to make whitening safe, easy, and accessible,” Stewart said in the press release. “These trays provide hassle-free whitening in 15 minutes for a noticeably brighter smile, either at home and on your schedule.”

The BURST Teeth Whitening Trays require no impressions or molding and were designed with the support of over 35,000 dental professionals that comprise BURST’s community.